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WTF Fashion: Weird Fashion You Can Buy

by How She Styles

Fashion is really fun, but sometimes things can get weird. I decided to look around some of my favorite shops to find the weirdest stuff I could.  I think I did pretty well.  Let me know some of the weird fashion you have seen (do we all remember the Topshop plastic panel jeans??)!


The Forever 21 Body Stocking

WTF Fashion - Body Stocking - The Face Of Style WTF Fashion - Body Stocking - The Face Of Style WTF Fashion - Body Stocking - The Face Of Style

You read that right.  Body stocking. You know I am glad that Forever 21 knows their customer so well that they knew to make something no one was asking for. What exactly do you need a body stocking for anyway?  To wear to your job as stripper? I feel like that is the only situation you would need a stocking that covers one’s entire body.  I get the point of a mesh top or actual stockings for your legs, but I do not get this. Did I mention this minimal piece of fabric retails for $18? WTF.


Forever 21 Hook Front Corset

WTF Fashion - Forever 21 Corset - The Face Of Style

I get it. Corsets are nice when you want to suck everything in, accentuate your waist, etc. However, what made the people at Forever 21 believe girls needed one to outline their boobs?  As if we needed to make sure everyone knows where they are.  This is truly one piece of clothing I do not understand.


Topshop Pierced Detail T-Shirt

I think this is taking the piercing trend just a little bit too far.  I figured this would happen eventually though I mean the fashion world is obsessed with boobs lately and the piercing thing has been happening for a while.  I just feel like if you want to look like you have gotten a nipple piercing, just go out and get your nipples pierced instead of buying a $40 dollar t-shirt.  Then again this is probably the less painful option.


Topshop Teddy Faux Fur Shoulder Bag

This is so 90s is ridiculous.  I like faux fur, but this is just over the top.  Is it for people who want a pet, but can’t commit??  Or maybe it just doubles as a pillow. I guess its weird, but somehow practical.

Zara Poplin Shirt With Patches

WTF Fashion - Zara Patches Poplin Shirt - The Face Of Style

I think whoever designed this was doing a few drugs during the design process.  It starts out as a sweet and simple asymmetrical ruffle hem top and then, BAM! They decided to haphazardly slap on these two rainbow fringe patches.  The worst part is that I would actually definitely wear this.


Would you wear any of this weird fashion??  For me, yes to the Zara shirt and no to the body stocking. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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