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Wishlist Wednesday: Feminine Athletics

by How She Styles

In January I went I a little crazy spending.  I gave myself some belated xmas gifts and bought a few things at the Zara sale.  This month I am trying to become hyper aware of what I am buying.  I want to save some money and also condition myself to only buy things I truly love when it comes to clothes.  From February 1st to this moment I have only bought about ten items this month.

I am not into giving myself restrictions per se, I just want to make sure the pieces I am bringing home are things I am going to love wearing!

This month I have been seeing super athletic apparel, but also pieces that are victorian extra feminine bits.  I love a little bit of both.

Here are things that I want to buy in the next month:

 The Track Pant

The Face Of Style - Wishlist Wednesday February 2017 - Flared Athletic Pants

Athletic apparel is trending in a big way and this is an easy way to implement it into my wardrobe. I love that they are flared and the color combo makes it cool and athletic. I would definitely pair this with a button down like the model or more casual with a t-shirt and a bomber jacket. This is another piece on the must have list for spring.

The Sweatshirt

The Face Of Style - Wishlist Wednesday February 2017 - Bell Sleeve Sweatshirt

This is where I start having a bit of spring fever. This color is making want to run through a field of flowers and onto a runway. This sweatshirt also looks extremely comfortable and I could probably get away with wearing it to work.

The Ruffle Pant

The Face Of Style - Wishlist Wednesday February 2017 - Gingham Pants

These pants would be a staple in my spring wardrobe. This neutral print goes with everything and the side ruffle details adds just that little extra femininity.

The Statement Boot

The Face Of Style - Wishlist Wednesday February 2017 - Star Boots

These are a little pricey for Forever 21 in my opinion, but they are so fun! They add texture and print to any outfit. However, the fact that they are all black makes them less intimidating to add to your wardrobe. This is a good piece to try if you want to try the statement boots trend.

The Quirky Case

The Face Of Style - Wishlist Wednesday February 2017 - Sunglasses Case

I love these shaped cases because I feel like it gives more protection for your sunglasses. This black and white print is really what got me though! This print is simple, graphic, and cute.

The Essential Legging

The Face Of Style - Wishlist Wednesday February 2017 - Leggings

I am always on the hunt for the perfect leggings and right now a Victoria’s Secret pair is in the top spot. However, for the $60 price tag I’m only allowed to have one pair. These just might take the top spot if they fit as good as they feel. I touched these in store and they were like heaven. I could have been feeling freshly shaved legs and not known the difference. These are in the $45 dollar price range, so I am hoping they are worth it.

The Feminine Sneaker

The Face Of Style - Wishlist Wednesday February 2017 - Tie Sneakers

These are the perfect combination of feminine and chic. The faux leather is draped and tied into a soft bow on a cool sneaker. It is too much! For only $34.99, these are going on the must have list.



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