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Winter 2014 Must Haves!

by How She Styles

I think I am in the minority when I say I love the cold.  No I’m not a fan of the snow or the other bad stuff that comes with winter, but I do love the scents, the feelings, the holidays and of course bundling up.  I love curling up with a hot cup of tea with a cozy sweater and just enjoying time with my friends and family the most.  Its cheesy, but very true.  Anyway, with that on to the things I can’t do winter without!


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The Staple Pieces

The Coat- I am obsessed with coats you can see all my favorites in one of my recent posts all about my favorites coats!  I just love that that’s all that people see when your on the street, and coats are coming in all shapes, colors, and materials these days so there are so many to choose from!

The “leather” pant-  I love leather pants, but I can’t spend leather money so faux is just as good!  These are great for the winter because its a cool alternative jeans, but still just as comfortable.

The Chunky Sweater- When it comes to sweaters I either want to feel like I am wrapped in a blanket of wear something else.  Chunky knits are so cozy and they look really great with just plain skinny jeans.

The Must Have Accessories

The winter accessories- I have noticed myself and everyone around me loving a good knit hat!  And why wouldn’t you!  They are soft, cute, AND keep you warm! Its a win win.

The ankle boots-  I have an obsession with ankle boots because I feel like they are the boots that are personally most flattering on me.  I love buckles and zippers on my boots, but I also wear a pair of plan Chelsea boots constantly.  They are chic and easy and you just can’t go wrong with ankle boots.

The Winter Beauty

This is something I started in fall, but I had to keep it going into winter.  I love dark berry lipstick!  This berry color above is so gorgeous!  Sometimes I go lighter and other times I go extremely dark on the lips, but either way I try and work a darker color for winter!


Now if you want to know what products are featured in the image above make sure you click on it to get all the info you need!

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