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What’s Trending Wednesday: Ruffles

by How She Styles

The ruffle trend started off slow in the spring with a sleeveless ruffle tops here and there. Coming into fall, however, ruffles are everywhere. Ruffles are on tops as off the shoulder, to a ruffled sleeve, and now ruffles can be seen cascading over the front and back body in basically any way you can think of. Ruffles are now being added to hems of skirts and even on pants! If you want a ruffle on something I’m pretty sure you can get your hands on it.


My Thoughts

Personally I love a good ruffle. I don’t know how well they are going to work under coats and jackets.  That’s a question we can save until winter rolls around.


I think ruffles can be an easy statement piece to have in your closet, but just be aware of where your putting that volume.


Ruffles on the hem of a skirt or a dress will make you look shorter unless your a six foot model. Ruffles across your bust is going to add volume to that part of your body. If that’s what you want your all set, if not you can find the ruffle in so many other variations you’ll find something you love in no time.


The Goods:


Check out some of the ruffles I’m looking to try this fall!


what's trending: Ruffles - The face of Style What's Trending: Ruffles - The Face Of Style Whats Trending: Ruffles - The Face Of Style What's Trending: Ruffles - The Face Of Style whats trending: Ruffles - The Face Of Style Whats Trending : Ruffles - The face of Style

Let me know of any trends you’re loving in the comments below.


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