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What’s in My Bag?: Handbag Essentials For A Girl On The Go!

by How She Styles

When you are commuting every day to work or class and you’re out of your house for a long time, you start to realize what you really need in your handbag. Some things are beauty related, and some are just necessities. If you think I missed any, tell me what you need in your handbag to survive the day in the comments below!


A compact is useful if you need to check something, whether it’s your makeup or your hair. No matter where you are, a compact saves you the time it would have to waste trying to find a bathroom mirror.


This might seem weird to all of you, but when you get something in your teeth at work and you have nothing to get it out with, things can get a bit dicey. If you have floss, you can just floss that sucker out and move on with your day!

Lip Balm

I don’t know about you, but I find that certain lip products make my lips get extremely chapped. The lip balm I use sinks in fast and does a great job of rehydrating my lips.

Travel Hair Brush

This one is another weird one: I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten to work to find that I missed a giant knot while brushing my hair. With a brush on hand, I can take care of the issue instead of trying to painfully brush it out with my fingers.


You might be thinking, “Lauren, how the hell am I supposed to fit an umbrella in my bag?” Well it’s simple: there are mini-sized umbrellas that can easily fit into most bags. These will help you if you run into an unexpected rainstorm. This is a must have!


This may not be as obvious now, but in the summer, you’ll be glad you had powder in your bag!  Powder will keep your set and help you avoid any shine on your skin throughout the day.


*I wish the handbag pictured was mine, but it is not.  The image can be found on my Pinterest at The Face Of Style and the bag can be found at Madewell.  Don’t hate me, its sold out but so pretty.


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