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What To Wear Now And Later: Pieces To Transition Into Fall

by How She Styles

Whether you are ready or not fall is on the horizon.  For what a gorgeous summer it was, I am happy for fall to begin.  Fall has the feeling of starting fresh and beginning a new chapter like a kid preparing for their first day of school. The thought of the leaves changing and being able to layer my favorite jackets and knits gets me excited.

Until then we need to deal with the weird weather August brings and keep collecting inspiration for fall. Transitional weather is probably most fun for me because it is such a challenge.  We are forced to chose pieces carefully for the cool morning which will inevitably turn into a humid afternoon. Then we are forced to adjust again when the first hints of fall weather begin to creep in.

These are the five pieces that will transition you smoothly into fall. If you want to see how I style these pieces check out my video too!

The Romper

Transitional Pieces From Summer To Fall - Romper - The Face Of Style

Rompers are all one piece and that means less thinking!  If you are going out on the town in the evening or running out for some errands rompers can be easily styled for fall. Layering over with your favorite jacket and layer under with some tights, finishing the look with boots.


The Jumpsuit

Transitional Pieces From Summer To Fall - Jumpsuit - The Face Of Style

The jumpsuit, similar to the romper, is all one piece so layering can be done a bit more easily.  Choosing a bold printed jumpsuit and simply layering a fitting long sleeve shirt underneath give you and effortless transitional look.


The Maxi Dress

Transitional Pieces From Summer To Fall - Maxi Dress - The Face Of Style

The maxi dress has been all over the place this summer.  Especially the shirt and wrap dress styles. It’s a not brainer that these would be the perfect transitional piece for spring. For transitioning a wrap maxi dress the perfect pair of booties and a leather motorcycle jacket would be the perfect combination.

The Midi Skirt

Transitional Pieces From Summer To Fall - Midi Skirt - The Face Of Style

Skirts have also been ruling this summer with midi skirts topping the list. You can basically buy any type of midi skirt in any type of material at this point.  In the summer we were wearing denim midi skirts with silky tanks and mules.  However, for fall we can pair our midi skirts with masculine loafers and a lightweight knit tucked in the top.

The Slogan Tee

Transitional Pieces From Summer To Fall - Slogan Tee - The Face Of Style

You may be like the rest of the population who went crazy for slogan tees this summer.  See how I styled my slogan tee for summer.  If so, you have quite a few to play with this fall.  Throw on a corduroy blazer and some flared jeans for a seventies inspired fall look with your slogan tee.

What are some of the pieces you want to take into fall?? Let me know in the comments!! I need as much style inspiration for fall as I can get.

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