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What to Wear When its Finally Over 50 Degrees

by How She Styles

I know I took a small break from blogging due to my life being a bit crazy, but I’m glad to be back!


Winter seemed to take a break before it became freezing again, but its finally in the mid-fifties and its time to celebrate with some transition pieces to wear when its not too warm and not too cold.


But First…


Layers are your friend.  Wearing layers will give you the ability to adjust what you are wearing based on the temperature.  For instance: today it was around 35 degrees this morning and about 50 degrees this afternoon.  Thats a 20 degree difference.  So in the morning I wore a long sleeved shirt, a blazer, and a coat over that.  In the afternoon I didn’t need that extra layer, so I just went out in the shirt and coat.  Layers are super handy with weird in-between weather like this or if you are out all day and the temperature changes significantly throughout the day.


Here are some pieces to wear when it’s fifty outside and not snowing!


Maxi Skirts

A maxi skirt is handy because it completely covers your legs until it gets too hot, in which case you can just tie it a bit and let your legs breathe.

maxi skirts


Light Sweater


I would consider a light sweater to be one that is heavier than your long-sleeved shirt, but lighter than the sweater you wore when it was 10 degrees outside.  I would advise against anything wool really.  It should be breathable during the day and toasty warm in the morning or evening.

Light sweater 1 light sweater 3light sweater 



This is flats season baby!  It’s not quite warm enough (or dry enough) for sandals, and your feet may need a break from your thigh high boots, so flats are the perfect option.


Long Sleeved Dress


This is another classic in-between style.  It’s perfect if your legs are hot, but your arms are cold.  You can also wear this with a sweater or tights if it’s too cold, or roll up the sleeves if it’s too hot.  Who doesn’t want to throw on a dress right now after months of being forced to wear pants?  I sure do!

long sleeved dress long sleeved dress 1



This goes with the idea of layering: the colder it gets, the heavier the blazer.  If it gets too hot, take it off!  I wear blazers with everything.  Skirts, dresses, jeans—you name it. It’s just an easy piece to throw on and pretend like you tried.  If your not a fan of the blazer try and army jacket!

blazerLight Jacket

All images from my pinterest  The Face Of Style and if you want more make sure to follow me on Instagram at Thefaceofstyle.

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