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Weatherproof Boots That Are Actually Cute

by How She Styles

As the weather changes we are switching out our summer sandals for fall boots. For some of us, that might mean durable weatherproof boots to deal with snow, rain and everything in between.

 However, for most of us, buying boots just for rain or snow can feel like a waste of money. Then when you do eventually buy rain or snow boots, you never pick the right days to wear them. Scenario one is that you forget to wear your rain boots, and you’re stuck wearing suede boots in a downpour. Or scenario two when you wear your snow boots as precautionary measure, and then it doesn’t even flurry, and you just look ridiculous all day and your feet are sweating.

With these scenarios in mind (we’ve all been there) I want to help you guys avoid all those problems by finding weatherproof boots that you will want to wear daily. You will get your money’s worth, and never get caught in bad weather wearing the wrong footwear.

I took a look around the internet to find my favorite weatherproof boots that are cute enough for daily wear.

The Lug Sole

 Sam Edelman Weatherproof Boots - How She Styles

I personally love the lug sole boots because they are an easy pull on boots with a cool hefty sole! Let me know which boots are your favorite in the comments!

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