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Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

by How She Styles

Valentine’s Day is one of those “holidays” I used to really get into when I was young, but these days my idea of a nice Valentine’s Day is just to have a nice dinner and get away from all the stresses of life for a few hours. However, I do love putting together an outfit for any occasion so I picked three outfits I would definitely wear on Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to celebrate V Day at the office, with your girls, or with your significant other, you need a fun outfit! I hope this inspires you!

The Cozy Outfit

This outfit is for those cozy V Day vibes! It is still winter regardless of the spring temperatures we got a taste of earlier in the month.

The fact that this dress is red helps push the Valentine’s day theme, but this is another chance for me to wear all the red I didn’t get to wear during the Christmas season. I paired this dress with brown accessories because I find it to be a softer look than with black accessories that create a stark contrast.

I love that this is a cozy dress instead of something sexy like people usually think of when it comes to Valentine’s day. The high turtleneck keeps you warm while you still get to show a little leg.

The Casual Outfit

I love a good dress, but sometimes a girl just wants to stick to jeans. If you have been following me for a while or on Instagram (@how_she_styles), then you know I love the blazer and jeans combination. It’s a great juxtaposition between casual and polished style.

Monochromatic dressing is one of those trends that I love playing around with, so mixing the reds and pinks together really made it sing. It makes putting outfits together a little easier. The colors will usually work together because they are all in the same color family.

I really love this outfit and wouldn’t just hold it for just Valentine’s day. This outfit could be worn through spring because of its basic pieces and complementary color palette.

The Ultra Feminine Outfit

Before you all comment that I look like a 1950s housewife in this look. I know, and I honestly love it. Nothing makes me feel prettier than a good fit and flare dress and some heels.

This outfit is fun and flirty, but doesn’t scream VALENTINE’S DAY! I did get a little red in with the shoes, but there are no hearts or anything that make you think, “that’s for Valentine’s day”.

I probably won’t be able to wear this right now in the Northeast, but if I was in California or somewhere in the south I would definitely whip this out for V Day!

What was your favorite look and what are you wearing for Valentine’s Day! Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to shop the post!

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