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Trends of Paris Street Style

by How She Styles

Hey All,

I am now back in the U.S. after my month away and I have learned so much! After being there a month I was definitely able to spot the trends that Parisian women love!

sweater over button down

Sweater Over Button Down- This trend involved wearing a pullover sweater with a crisp button down.  I love this trend, but I never even thought of wearing something like it until I went to France.  It a chic and polished look that can be worn on the weekend to run errands or to the office.

short booties paris

Short Booties-  I know what you are thinking, this is a big trend in the U.S., and you would be right.  However, riding boots seem to be a bit more popular here than in France.  In fact very few people are wearing to the knee or over the knee boots.  Its all about the short little booties for the winter months.

black tights

Black Tights-  Yes we all wear black tights in the winter too, but it is a huge trend in Paris.  Even on the most brutally cold days there are girls walking around the streets of Paris in tights.  The weather was warmer than it is on the east coast, but not warm enough to be really comfortable in just tights on your legs.  They have inspired me to wear dresses in the winter more, because it is so stylish, fun, and it increasing my wardrobe options for the winter months.

fur pfw

Fur-  The women in Paris love their fur.  I think I have seen every piece of outwear in a form with fur including coats, scarves, hats.  One woman was wearing them all at the same time!

red lip paris

Bright Red Lip- I saw this all around Paris! The ladies would be wearing all black and just a bright red lip.  It was such a fun beauty look!  Its a fun way to showcase your lips by making them the focus of your whole look.

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