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Trend Tuesday: All Things Faux Fur

by How She Styles

For this month’s Trend Tuesday, I am talking all about faux fur! Fur is everywhere this fall and winter. We saw it a bit last winter and even in summer accents of faux fur were on some sandals and slides.  Once this fall hit, faux fur was reaching its peak as a trim on tops, shoes, and really anywhere else they could sneak it in. Now we are almost into winter and the fur is at its climax where you can basically get any piece in this material. Tops, bags, and especially coats.


Now we all know that once a trend becomes popular we can more variety.  Once there are a million neutral faux fur coats available a few brands will come out with different colors and silhouettes that us fashion forward ladies jump to get our hands on. This is my favorite part because you can tailor the trend to fit your style.


I love this trend because it’s functional.  This is a trend that will actually give you warmth this winter—at least more than faux leather and faux suede do.  Second, this is a statement. I don’t care if your wear black fur or neon yellow fur, either way you are getting attention. Finally, it’s a different way to show off your style.  What I mean is that in the last few seasons there hasn’t been a ton of interesting outerwear. However, with a fur coat you are able to be fashion forward even on the street when you are all bundled up.


I honestly think this faux fur trend is here to stay so treat yourself this winter to something in this gorgeous texture.



Here are some bits you can pick up to fulfill that faux fur void in your life!



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