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Trend Tuesday: The Rise Of The Slides

by How She Styles

Before we start let me define a slide.  I consider a slide to be any shoe with one or two straps over the toe.  Not quite a sandal, but almost a flip flop. Examples would be those Adidas slides that every man on the planet owns and I would also consider the Birkenstock Arizona to be a slide.

The Rise To Trendiness

These were just gaining momentum last summer, but it really exploded with Rihanna’s collaboration with Puma.  She released these:

The Face Of Style - Trend Tuesday: The Rise Of The Slide

They are not my personal style, but people went crazy for them and they are still hard to find now even though they are technically “last season”.  After that, every company was putting out their version of this exact shoe.  Now that we are coming into spring they have moved from the faux fur variety and starting to show their own twist on this shoe silhouette.  I believe slides have stayed in popularity and will keep doing so into summer because they are so comfortable!  However, it’s not like slides are work appropriate (unless you have a job as a lifeguard), so I am not sure they will stay on trend into next season. For now, I will keep wearing this trend even if it’s only on the weekends!

Check out all the versions of the slide and find something that fits your style!

The Minimalist Slide

The Embellished Slide

The Quirky Slide

The Espadrille Slide

The Chic Slide

The Printed Slide

The Girly Slide

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