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Trend Tuesday: Kitten Heels

by How She Styles

Heel wearers everywhere are rejoicing! We are now in a season where comfort is key and smaller heels are in fashion. This means less wobbling when strutting down the sidewalk.


The kitten heel has been creeping its way into fashion since the summer, and now they can be seen on boots from almost every retailer. That’s not the only place they’re showing up. Kitten heels are also on pumps, mules, and sandals this season.


Let’s face it though—when you are out working and pounding the pavement the average person wants to have some comfortable shoes. That means your consumer wants smaller heels. They are opting for those over the sky-high styles. That’s not to say high-heeled styles aren’t still popping up, but personally I usually opt for a heel under 3”. In fact, some studies say they ideal shoe heel height is around 1” because of the way the arch of the foot is shaped.

Trend Tuesday: Kitten Heels - How She Styles Trend Tuesday: Kitten Heels - How She Styles

Now, let’s talk skinny vs block


Kitten heels are coming in all shapes and sizes this season thanks to the brilliant minds of designers all over the world. These can range to a pin heel to a literal block on the bottom of your shoe (like this gorgeous style from Mango).


I personally favor the block style—and not just for the extra surface area for me to balance on.  I love the way block heels look on all shoes, from boots to sling backs. A block heel just looks more chic and substantial to me. That’s not to say I am not warming up to the idea of a skinny kitten heel. The sock boot trend is making me reconsider the skinny heel on shoes. There is something about that particular style that makes the skinny kitten heel look sleek.


Whether the heel is skinny or a block, I am a fan of the kitten heel. Which I am sure would make my 18-year-old self cringe because she would never be caught in anything other than a pair of converse or a heel no shorter than four inches.


However, with any trend, the pendulum must swing the other way and by next winter we will all be in sky high heels again. Until then, I will stock up on my short, wearable heels and wear them until they become worn down to flats.

Shop Some Of My Favorite Kitten Heels

Are you into the kitten heel trends or love your high heels?  Let me know in the comments below which gives you the most confidence!


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