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This Mother’s Day Give Mom Something Besides Candles and Perfume…

by How She Styles

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and when it comes to my mom—I love spoiling her! But sometimes shopping for Mom can be a tough task. I have put together a list of gifts that I feel like so many moms would love to receive. If you have any suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts, I would love to hear them! So don’t forget to comment down below.

Beauty Products

Makeup, face masks, bath products are so fun to play with, and there is something for everyone. Whether your mom loves a neutral eye or rocks a bold lip you can find her something special that she can use every day when it comes to makeup. The choices when it comes to face masks and bath products are essentially endless. Spoil your mom with a perfectly curated beauty bundle this Mother’s Day.


This could be a bit cruel if mom doesn’t have a green thumb, but in general plants are such a fun idea! She can find a spot for it in her home, and think of you every time she waters it. This is another option with a ton of variety so you get have a little fun with it! Get her a classic orchid or a simple (and possibly un-killable) cactus.


This is one of my favorite gifts to give people in general, but I actually did this for my mom as a gift when Luke and I got married. Depending how crazy you want to get you can get a frame that holds a bunch of photos or just a single photo frame.

For my mom, I bought a frame with three spots for pictures. The top spot held a photo from my mom and dad’s wedding. The second spot held a photo from my brother and his wife’s wedding. In the last spot I put in a photo of Luke and I at our first school dance (to later hold a photo from our wedding) because we hadn’t gotten married yet.

I loved giving this gift and my mom loved because it captured all of our wedding days in one frame. I also love doing this because everything is digital these days, and there is nothing like looking back at old photos.

For Mother’s Day you could give your mom a photo of just you and her or your entire family!

Broadway Show

Experience gifts can be so fun because they create memories instead of just buying material things. If your mom likes live performances a Broadway show might be a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Brunch

If Broadway isn’t your mom’s thing or that’s a little out of your budget, then brunch might be a good option. It could be a way for you and your mom to try a new eatery, and spend some quality time together.

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your favorite gift idea was in the comments and don’t forget to shop this post.

Photo: https://www.grammarly.com/blog/history-of-mothers-day/

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