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Top 5 Travel Essentials For Every Trip

by How She Styles

Summer means its time for all those summer travel plans to begin!!! However, getting to your destination can sometimes be not so fun.  Here are 5 essentials that will make your trip go a little more smoothly.

Something That Doesn’t Require Wifi

We’ve all been there. You are ready with your device, Netflix, and a snack to find out there’s no wifi. We live in an age where there is an expectation that there will be an internet connection, but sometime that is not the case.  I suggest always having a back up plan.  You can bring a book or magazine or download a podcast or tv show on to your device before beginning your trip.  This way you are able to have some entertainment without using any data.

Protect Your Skin

I always bring sunscreen and hand sanitizer where ever I go!  I have very fair skin so wearing sunscreen daily has been a part of my life.  Sometimes people forget you can even get sun damage on overcast days so I suggest always carrying a small facial sunscreen just in case.  As for hand sanitizer, I had a very serious incident where I was out all day adventuring on my trip, touching things and such and didn’t have any place to wash my hands.  Then I ate pizza with my hands…  it did not end well.  Now I make sure to carry hand sanitizer with me everywhere.  Learn from my mistakes, clean up your hands after a long day of travel.

Block Out The Noise

Sometimes when you travel, you just need some quiet time.  Whether you are trying to nap or tune out the baby screaming three rows behind you in a crowded airplane.  Headphones or earplugs are heaven sent.


Bring your own water!  You need to keep hydrated. Whether you are on a flight or in a car, bring a re-useable water bottle (or just plastic and reuse it). You don’t want to have to rely on getting your water at the next stop or the flight attendant bringing you enough.

Charge Up

Whether you are taking pictures or navigating your route you might be using your phone.  Make sure you bring a portable battery so you don’t have to try and find an outlet. This way you can keep googling where to find your next delicious meal or how to get to the world’s largest ball of yarn.

Hope you guys enjoyed these tips, let me know if you have any tips in the comments below.

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