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Top Tips to Take to The Thrift Store

by How She Styles

Recently I have been thrifting a lot more often and have been consciously been trying to buy more pieces secondhand. In doing so, I have learned a tip or two when it comes to trying this fun way of shopping. Let me know if you have any more tips for thrifting in the comments!

Try Everything On

I know this sounds gross, but honestly sizing has changed a lot over the years. Even if the tag says it is your size the piece of clothing you picked up might not fit or you might find a gem that is marked for a larger size but fits like a glove. When I try on thrifted clothes I always wear leggings and a t-shirt so I can try stuff on over my clothes.

Clean and Sanitize

There are a few ways to clean thrifted clothing. Obviously getting things professionally dry cleaned is an option, but there are a ton of options you can do at home. Dry cleaning is actually an option at home. Amazon sells some dry-cleaning products that I really enjoy and are easy to use. You just put all the clothes you want to dry clean into the bag they provide, add in the little product-soaked pad and throw it in your dryer for thirty minutes.

Another great option is steaming is a great option to sanitize and reduce any lingering scent. Finally, is my not-so secret weapon when it comes to cleaning thrifted clothes. One word, vinegar. Distilled vinegar is a godsend when it comes to taking out smells. I will put almost anything in the washing machine and when I add vinegar any thrift store smells disappear.

Have an Idea of What You Want

If you’re overwhelmed at the thrift store look for fabrics, prints, and colors you are drawn to instead of looking through the entire rack. You can easily scan the rack to see what jumps out at you.

Lookout for Imperfections

Even the cutest item could be ruined with a stain or a hole. If you really love something you could try to get the stain out or repair the garment, but beware some stains just don’t come out and you’re stuck with something you don’t want to wear.

Keep an Eye Out for High Quality Fabrics

Leather is a great thing to pick up at the thrift store. It generally wears well and some leather conditioner can help most things look like new again. This goes for shoes, bags, and clothes! Other fabrics too look out for are silk, wool, cashmere, and thick vintage denim.

Do you have any tips for shopping at the thrift store? Let me know in the comments!

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