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The 50 Day Push-Up Challenge

by How She Styles

January 2nd 2017, I woke up and was scrolling through the internet. Looking through all the blog posts and new years resolutions videos people were posting, I started thinking about all my resolutions.  My resolutions were get more fit, get back into my hobbies, work on this blog more, etc. When I noticed a video, one of those inspirational ones.  It was a video of a girl who was made fun of for being too scrawny so she did push-ups every day for 100 days.

Then, I had a thought. What if I challenged myself to do push-ups every day?  I decided on 50 days because  100 felt overwhelming and if I made it to 50 days I could always go for 100, right? A smaller goal just seemed easier to swallow.  I decided I would do 20 push-ups per day for 20 days and I started right then on January 2nd.  My final day was February 21st, this is how it went:


Day 1:

As I always say starting is the hardest part because once you start you can fail.  The first week was definitely the hardest because I could barely do 10 push-ups.  I did 10 took a 5 minute break, and then did 10 more.


Day 24:

Push-ups have gotten easier by this point, but sometimes I slack or forget to do my push-ups and I need to do 40 instead of 20 which is extremely difficult.  I am however, starting to see a change in my arms definition in the shoulder and my “underarm chub” as I lovingly call it (the little bit of chub between your underarm and boob) has gotten very slightly smaller. At least that’s what I’m telling myself to get through this challenge.


Day 40:

I’m definitely seeing a difference in my arms and I love it! I feel stronger but 20 push-ups is not easy yet. I’ve started thinking about whether I should consider doing another fifty days or stopping the challenge and just incorporating more arm exercises into my workouts.  

I’m really excited by the thought of completing this challenge! I feel like it was a small victory in my journey to a healthy life!

Day 50!:

After 50 days I’m going to be honest. Doing 20 push up has not become easy. It’s still hard to get to 20. After much deliberation I have decided to embark on another 50 days. Starting today since yesterday was the 50th day. I want to see more definition and hope that there’s a more noticeable change in my muscle tone and actual strength. I’m excited to embark on challenge part 2! Who knows, maybe I’ll even start to like doing push-ups!

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