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The 100 Day Push-up Challenge

by How She Styles

Back in February I wrote about the 50 Day Challenge.  I was inspired by a video I saw online and wanted to create my own challenge. After 50 days I decided to try another 50 and do 100 days of push-ups!

Today I finished the 100th day and I do feel stronger!  I usually do 10 regular push-ups and 10 diamond push-ups (when you put your hands into a diamond shape and do a push-up).  I am happy I made it all the way through!

The Face Of Style - 100 Day Push-up Challenge

Top: Day 50, Bottom: Day 100

The Results


Although I am not exactly seeing the results I expected.  In the video I watched the girl gets pretty toned, so I thought this would be the case for me.  Then I realized, she was very skinny to begin with and all she had to do was gain muscle.  However, I was trying to lose weight and gain muscle. I anticipated that I would have gained a little more definition than I got.  I am not disappointed by any means though.  My back has definitely become stronger and more defined.  I have also lost a little weight in my underarm “chub” and my underarm, I think I just need to keep at it to reach my goal.


All this means is that I just have to keep working at it.

The Face Of Style - 100 Day Push-up Challenge

The Future Of My Arms


I have decided that I am going to keep doing 20 push-ups every day. On days I am doing a cardio workout I am only going to do 20 push-ups. On days I am not, I am going to do a full arm workout including pull-ups (assisted), push-ups, dumbbells, and anything else I can come up with.


Strong, toned arms!  You will be mine!!


Tell me how you are challenging yourself in fitness!  I am always looking for fun and interesting workouts!

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