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Skin and Makeup Products That Blew Me Away!

by How She Styles

Sometimes when you try a product it does what you expect and other times it’s amazing!!!  These are a few of the products that knocked my socks off and I hope you find some new favorites!


Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream and Night Cream in Dry/Very Dry

I first tried the Beautiful Skin night cream in Normal/Dry formula in July, and sadly I finished that tub, so I went out to repurchase it in the Dry/Very Dry version.  I also bought the day cream because my moisturizer in the morning was just not cutting it.  Holy. Crap. This stuff is amazing!  After using the night cream in the evening and day cream in the morning under my makeup, the texture of my skin has completely changed in a matter of days.  First off the night cream is so moisturizing that my skin just drinks it in.  The day cream is everything I could want in a daytime moisturizer.  The formula sinks into the skin so quickly so I don’t have to wait fifteen minutes to do my makeup, and the SPF 15 protects my skin (because there is still sun in the winter, gotta protect that skin!).  I cannot wait to go out and grab more products from this line to see what a difference it makes on my skin.  I truly don’t know why more people aren’t talking about this!


Boots No7 Stay Perfect Long Wearing Lipstick in Love Red

Keeping with the Boots No7 theme here, I am in love with their Long Wearing Lipsticks!  I am sure if you have been reading this blog for a while that you know I can’t stop wearing Love Red.  When I got this shade I was afraid of wearing the color red—I never thought I could pull it off, let alone during the daytime.  This lipstick changed my life! Well… my makeup life, anyway.  I put it on and I was blown away by the pigmentation and the smooth formula.  I could glide this over my lips all day, but it really only takes one swipe. It is such a light formula and wears for at least eight hours.  Yes, eating and drinking will make it fade a bit, but you can’t have it all!  This is my favorite red lipstick, and I don’t know if anything else will ever take its crown.


Garnier Clean Nourishing Cleansing Oil for Dry Skin

I had wanted to try cleansing oil for a while before I bought this.  It makes sense, right? The dry skinned girl wants to use an oil?  I didn’t think it would the perfect match that it was!  I tried this and was so excited how easily all the liquid eyeliner and mascara just melted off my face.  The best part, however, was how soft my skin felt after using this.  Whenever I wash my face with anything else, my skin feels tight after. Not with this!  My skin just felt nourished and clean as it should be!


Garnier Skin Renew 5 Sec Blur Instant Smoother Primer

I have large pores, and not like “oh my pores are so lame” large, but rather “my foundation sinks into my pores” large.  It is incredibly annoying, so I had been using The Porefessional Primer to combat that and that was working well, but I cannot be spending that much on primer every month without my bank account getting mad at me.  So I was on the search for a silicone-based primer with the same qualities as The Porefessional. After watching countless reviews, I saw this product and went for it.  I was expecting it to do its job, but I wasn’t expecting it to go beyond my expectations.


Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Polish in Up The Ante

When I saw this polish, I thought it was just another “gel-like shine” kind of product.  It looks pretty for a few days and then by day 3 it’s all chipped.  However, I was really surprised how long this lasts on my nails.  I can go an entire week without noticeable chips.  Yes the edges get a little beaten because I literally spend all day typing, but it still looks beautiful.  And that’s just the color polish!  I haven’t even tried it will the top coat yet.  I am sure when I try the top coat along with this it will last even longer.


Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub in Sleep

When I bought this, I really just wanted to try the scent because everyone freaks out about the pillow spray product they make.  I wasn’t interested in the pillow spray, so I got the body scrub instead. It makes my skin SO AMAZINGLY SOFT INSTANTLY!  It got to the point where I was asking people to touch my arms so they could feel how soft my skin was.  It might be too rough for sensitive skin because the granules are pretty large, but for those people, please try something else in the line just for the scent!  The scent is lavender vanilla, and I hate straight-up vanilla scent, but the lavender balances it out to make for a relaxing combo..  You need to try something from the Sleep line!  Trust me.

What are some products that blew you away or you can’t live without?  Let me know in the comments below, and if you want more goodies, don’t forget to subscribe!

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