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The Search For The Perfect Eyeliner

by How She Styles

I love eyeliner! It widens my eyes and the look of a wing is something I have been very into lately. However, my quest for the perfect cat eye is ruined by the lack of good felt tip eyeliners on the market.

The One That Got Away

Once upon a time the brand Almay sold a felt tip eyeliner that was so perfect I used it for about a year before it needed to be tossed. I didn’t throw it out because it dried out, no, I threw it out because it was old. By the time I tried to find a replacement it was discontinued and I couldn’t find it in any stores.

Since then I have been on the hunt for the perfect eyeliner.

The Perfect Eyeliner Must Be…

Opaque. So many “black” eyeliners are watery and grey

Long lasting. I don’t want it crumbling off my face or half gone by the end of the day

Pigment reaches all the way to the tip. Its hard to create a nice wing when the product doesn’t reach the smallest point of the tip.

That’s it.

Doesn’t seem like much but it has been incredibly hard to find.

I have tried the one from Stila (dried out in a matter of days), the Kat Von D one (not black enough), and too many to count from the drugstore.

Every time I spend $10 on a new eyeliner and it turns out to be complete crap is frustrating.

So this whole post is really just a plea to help my figure out my eyeliner problem.

Let me know what eyeliners you love (and hate)! Maybe my wing will live again!!

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