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The Search For The Perfect Tote Bag

by How She Styles

Recently, I have been trying to be more productive with my time. That means grabbing my laptop and getting away from all the distractions at my apartment.  However, I didn’t have anything to carry it around in.


I needed to find a bag that I could use as a computer bag while also being able to fit other stuff in and of course it needed to go with a lot of outfits.


Requirements For The Perfect Tote:


  1. Large Bottom Width – I needed enough space to fit a laptop, a book, my wallet, and some makeup.


  1. Rectangle Shape – I wanted the bag to be wider than it was tall because it is harder to find stuff when you can’t see to the bottom of the bag.


  1. Lightweight –My laptop is  already heavy, and I didn’t want to put any more weight on my shoulders. Basically that meant very little hardware if any.


  1. Zipper Closure Along The Entire Top Opening –  Tote bags have large openings so people can easily reach in and grab stuff without you noticing. A zipper closure was a must have.


  1. Longer Straps– I always see people with huge heavy tote bags with tiny handles, and it looks so uncomfortable.  I needed to make sure it would fit over my shoulder.


  1. Nice Quality Faux Leather – I realized in my search that I needed something that I would be pretty durable as I would be traveling around with this a lot.  I didn’t want suede or canvas because I wanted the bag to have some structure.


  1. Affordable – The most I wanted to spend was $75. I figured this was I could find something nice quality that would last me a while.


The Search

With the above list in mind I started my search. I looked in all my favorite shops like Urban Outfitters, H&M, Forever 21, and Zara. Nothing fit the bill. It was either too small, or not the right shape, or too expensive. Then I looked at JCrew, Madewell, and TJ Maxx/Marshalls, but nothing was hitting the mark. The hardest thing to find was a tote with a zipper. I ended up searching in Google for “Tote with Zipper Closure”, because I didn’t know where else to look. I had no luck anywhere, and I put my search on hold.

Finally, I found the one.

I found this gem at American Eagle where I always find denim, but never think to look for handbags. There she was just hanging by the check out line. A chestnut brown zipper closure tote bag with long straps and dimensions that looked close to what I needed for my laptop (actual dimensions are 15.75 height x 18.1 width x 7” depth). The tag read $45, but it turned out to be on sale (always a bonus), and after taxes it was about $37. This bag was everything I could have asked for! Now I can get to work anywhere because I have to perfect bag to take my laptop on the go.

Tell me about your favorite bag and any cute things you have purchased recently in the comments!


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Ellen Evanoff September 20, 2016 - 1:24 am

I love it!


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