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Review: The Boots No7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define Shadow Stick

by How She Styles

After going to a Boots Beauty Event In NYC a few months ago (check out the event details if you don’t know what I am talking about), I was introduced to these gorgeous eye shadow sticks, and I am here to tell you how they look, feel, and wear.


The Shades

There are only 8 shimmer shades in the range, but they are well chosen colors for sure!  The colors are all pretty neutral and can be worn with a lot of different looks.  My favorites are Cool Mink, Deep Purple, and Pink Pearl.  Generally I wear the pink in the inner corner, the purple on the outer, and the mink all over the lid (probably not all together).  As I mentioned the only finish is “shimmer” and they do have quite a bit of shimmer, but it doesn’t bother me because if I’m going for shimmer, I going all the way.  Lets just say I  wouldn’t mind a few matte shades, mostly because I want to wear these shadow sticks every day.


The Formula

These are really creamy: they remind me of the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Shadow sticks in their texture and blendability.  You will get all-day wear without creasing with this formula.  Seriously.  I swatched this on my hand and let it set: it did not move, and I could not rub it off dry or with water!  Don’t worry, it comes off with a little makeup remover.



These eyeshadows are incredibly long-wearing.  One night I accidentally fell asleep with this shadow on my eyes (I know I hated myself a little for it), and when I woke up, it was still perfectly intact and none had gotten on any of my bedding.  I had worn it for almost 20 hours that day!  To say I was impressed would be an understatement.

Overall, I say go out and buy these.  Right now.  This formula and the pigmentation do not disappoint and your eyes will look flawless all day long.

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