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Review: New L’Oreal La Palette Nude 2

by How She Styles

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After reading a few great reviews on this new palette, I needed to get my hands on it.  I was in a bit of a spendy mood when I went into Target and they happened to have it for $15.  The hard part was deciding between the Nude 1 or the Nude 2.  After careful consideration, I went with the Nude 2 because it has more colors that I don’t already have in my collection.


After getting it home I used it throughout the week to create different looks and test the wear of the shadows.  This palette was all I hoped it would be!


The shadows were soft, blendable, and I felt like I could actually use all them all.  I hate when I buy an eyeshadow palette and there are a few shadows that aren’t a useful color or aren’t of the same quality.   They are a bit powdery, but overall, I would choose this palette over any other drugstore palette with more than eight shades.
If you like the wet and wild shadow formula I think you will really like these shadows.  It’s my favorite drugstore palette at the moment and you should run out and grab it.

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