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Review: Milani Amore Matte Lip Cremes

by How She Styles

A few months ago Milani came out with a line of liquid lipsticks, which are very hard to get your hands on. I did find two in the shades Lust and Beloved and it’s very pretty, but the formula is not my favorite and I don’t really get what all the hype is about.


After wearing it for a week, it turns out that this formula doesn’t last very long on the lips. After a few hours, it fades or balls up and falls off from the center of my lips. When I tried to get the remainder off and it was like cement: you’ll definitely need makeup remover. I will say they are very matte and they have a lot of really cute shades.  However, they are pretty drying to the lips and you can find the same type of shade selection from other brands.


I am pretty disappointed in these because Milani has such great matte lipsticks I was surprised how much these let me down.
If you want to buy a liquid lipstick, pay the extra five dollars and get one of the Sephora liquid lippies.






Lust on the top, Beloved on the bottom (I think these shades were limited edition, but here are the available shades)

P.S. If you love these and they do work for you, don’t be offended.  I am just letting you guys know how it worked for me!

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