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It’s sweater weather! Or for me—more like blazer weather. I love wearing blazers in fall. I never know what temperature it’s going to be outside, let alone the temperature in my office. With this in mind, when I am getting dressed it’s easy to throw on a jacket instead of hoping I’m going to be comfortable all day in a sweater. Let’s just say for 90% of the day I have no control over the temperature that I am in, so being able to remove a layer is essential.

pumpkin blazer

When shopping lately I have been so drawn to this pumpkin color. I think it’s a bold, but versatile color. I have also been really into tonal dressing so I love finding pieces that all sit in the same palette and so this outfit idea was born.

It’s a similar to an outfit I posted a few months ago. They are similar in the fact that both outfit use a plaid shirt. I love plaid! It is usually considered casual, but it’s fun to dress up in different ways. In this case, I layered a solid blazer over the plaid in a similar shade to pull out the soft pumpkin color from the plaid shirt. I love this boyish combo and I’m definitely getting 70’s vibes from the colors.

To ground the look a bit I added my neutral beige cropped wide leg trousers. The trousers create an interesting silhouette while fitting in perfectly with the color palette.

Pumpkin Blazer

I finished the outfit with brown accessories. Heeled boots to add height to the cropped pants and a belt to keep my pants up and match back to the boots.

Would you wear this seasonal palette? What are your favorite pieces to layer for fall? Let me know in the comments!

What I Wore

Blazer – Alfani


Flannel – Uniqlo


Pants – Gap

Boots – Guess via DSW


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