The Popsugar 14 Day Plank Challenge – Did I Even Notice A Difference

The Popsugar 14 Day Plank Challenge - The Face Of Style

Have you ever seen those fitness challenges on Pinterest? 7 days to flat abs or 30 days for the perfect butt?

Well I decided to try the 14 day plank challenge.

The Challenge

Basically I followed this graphic I happened upon on Pinterest. It starts by doing each of the five planks for 10 seconds each and finishes your two weeks by doing them 1 minute.

The Popsugar 14 Day Plank Challenge - The Face Of Style

I started by printing it out and putting it somewhere I would look every day. I checked off each day as I completed it.

I’m going to be honest my core is relatively strong so the first few days seemed pretty easy.

By the last four days, I was in hell. I was shaking for every plank I even had to take a break in between each plank.

The side planks were most challenging for me. I always opt for regular planks so my core is stronger there. The side planks tested my side core strength as well as my balance.

I know what you are all thinking! Did I see a difference?

The short answer? No.

Did I feel a difference? Yes!


The Popsugar 14 Day Plank Challenge - The Face Of Style


The Popsugar 14 Day Plank Challenge - The Face Of Style

During these last four days I was actually sore for a few days from working my lower abs so hard. I will mention that I haven’t had the best diet these last two weeks. Also, I have done much running or other core workouts.

Do I think this would work better with a better diet and other workouts? 100%!

Do I think any type of challenge will give you results in two weeks?? No way!

In the future I might try and keep this up doing a few minutes of planks a day. Since I found out that I can actually do a plank for five minutes! I would be interested to see how my body does eventually change.

I hope this encourages you guys to challenge yourselves to try something you have never done before. It may be uncomfortable at first, but can be wonderful when you find out you can do something you thought you couldn’t!

This is a reminder to you that working out takes time, consistency, and determination to see results so don’t expect six pack abs overnight (or in two weeks!), but keep at it and pushing yourself because everyday that you push forward is one step closer to your goal than you were the day before.

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