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Paris: Week Three

by How She Styles

Day Fifteen: Today was my second day at my internship.  Seeing the haute couture gowns for the second day made this experience all the more real.  Today was very long, but really fun and cool!  We helped two fit models try on a little less than fifty dresses.  Then after that we helped during a model casting dressing the models and putting on their shoes.  The models were so sweet and they were really great to work with which I wasn’t expecting considering the stereotypes.  Excited for the rest of my time working with this amazing designer and helping dress the show later in the week.

Day Sixteen: Today was my third day at Elie Saab and we starting fitting specific girls for the dresses they would wear in the show.  It was another long day and lets just say I was happy to hit my bed when I got home.  We have been working closely with the stylist of the show, but we also run into Mr. Saab once in a while.

Day Seventeen: It’s the day before the show and we are working to finishing fitting these models and get the dresses completely finished for the show.  I even got to sew some flowers onto a haute couture dress.  It was pretty exciting for the design major in me.  Everyone here just seems excited and ready for the fashion show tomorrow to show off all of these amazing gowns.

Day Eighteen: Today was the Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2014-2015 Haute Couture fashion show! It was amazing! It went really fast as you can imagine, but I would do it all again!  One girl did fall on the runway, but that was the only real mishap.  The bride looked gorgeous and seeing the whole show from behind the scenes was an experience I will never forget.  My only regret is that I wish I could tell Mr. Saab what an impact him and his designs and his team have had on me.

Day Ninteen:  Today was very fun! First I did a fascinators workshop (those hats all the British people wear to important events).  That was uneventful and lets just say I’ll leave the hat making to the experts when it comes to fascinators.  After that was the fun part! My friend Cat and I walked the entire length of Rue de Rivoli.  We went to all kinds of shops and things! It’s the first time I felt like I really got time to explore a part of Paris I had never heard of before I came here.  I was able to find Angelina a cafe known for their hot chocolate and it is said that Coco Chanel herself would go there and sketch.

Day Twenty: We worked on a project today in class and after that it was off shopping again, this time with a bigger group.  We went to a few places on Rue de Rivoli and then went to Maille a mustard shop by Rue Sainte Honore.  It was so cool there.   They had all types of mustard mixed with things you would never expect! They also had different types of oils too! France is apparently known for its mustard so it was a great place to stop!

Day Twenty-One: The final day of this week I tried going shopping for the third day ( I know its a lot, but I haven’t gone shopping that much in the first two weeks).  This time we went to a few places by the Bon Marche, but it was a bust.  Then we ended up going to an underground mall which was so cool! You go in through a subway stop and there are a ton of stores like H&M, Zara, and New Look.

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