Home Life Paris: Week One

Hey All!

I finally made it to France and it has been amazing.  It has been a crazy first week.

Day One:

Arrived in France jet lagged and sore from trying to get comfortable for 6 1/2 hour flight.  I learned it is impossible to fall asleep on a plane, especially if the chair in front of you is fully reclined.  It was a long day of flying, but once I got here I drove to the place I am staying and took a short nap.  After that it was dinner time  I ate some delicious food and went back to sleep.

Day Two:

I went on a bus tour around Paris to see all of the different buildings and popular areas to shop.  In the afternoon I went to Pierre Cardin Museum and all the pieces were crazy construct and you should go see it for sure.  After that I went to the flea markets and ate my first french dish, Creme Brulee.  It was delicious and sweet as I had hoped for.

Day Three:

I was in class all day, but I went to a Carrefour which is a french market and bought a few groceries.  That was the most interesting thing I did.

Day Four:

I went the Le Marais to explore the boutiques and I was mildly disappointed.  I was surprised, by how expensive it was because the person who described it to me didn’t give me that impression.  They had beautiful clothes don’t get me wrong, but even with the “sales” the items were incredibly pricey for me.  A plus was that I had my first macaroon and it was delicious!

Day Five:

Today I went to the Louvre!  It was so cool.  It has shops and restaurants which I didn’t know and the museum was gorgeous.  Everything is so detailed and amazing.  Highlights were the Mona Lisa of course, but also seeing the rooms within the Louvre that were made when kings presided there.

Day Six:  The Bon Marche was the first stop on this day! It is a really high end department store with a lot of designer merchandise.  After exploring there I walked around and shopped (I’ll show you all my goodies at the end of my trip).  After that it was off to the Azzadine Alaia exhibition where the pieces were gorgeous and you should definitely check it out.  The pieces were so complex and made out of strange materials or incredible hard textiles to work with.   It was amazing, as an aspiring designer it was totally inspiring.

Day Seven:

Today was a free day and a few friends and I went to the Eiffel Tower! The top floor was closed so we walked to the second.  I was happy about this because the views were still great and my anxiety was kicking in so going to the top would have probably put me over the edge.  Like I said the views were great and I definitely got a great workout!  rewarded myself with a sweet lemon crepe which was delicious!


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