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Opposites Attract: Contrasting Color Combo

by How She Styles

I have been playing with bolder color combos lately, thanks to Erica from the Youtube channel Tiny Acorn. She is always trying new color combos, and they make even the most basic outfit standout!

Using inspiration like below, I decided to try something a little bit out of my comfort zone.


My Contrasting Color Combo

I started with the most neutral piece, the skirt. I love wearing skirts in the fall because you don’t have to throw on tights quite yet. Any top could go with this skirt, but I wanted a pop of color so I went for this burnt orange turtleneck.

Next, I decided to add the burgundy loafers because I usually style skirts with heels or boots so I wanted to try something a bit different. On top of that I love the way the burgundy and the orange look together.

When I got to this point in putting my outfit together, I felt it needed something to make it more interesting.

I usually wear at least one print in an outfit so this look felt like it needed something a little something extra.

That’s when thought of all the cool color combos that Erica wears. I searched around my apartment for a piece that would create a contrast to the colors I was already using.

This final piece needed to be something in the blue or green family. Any other color would blend in instead of stand out. There isn’t that much blue in my wardrobe so I went with this green jacket. I bought it at a sample sale about five years ago, and I wear it every spring and fall.

Adding the contrasting color jacket gave this basic look a new life and I love how it turned out.

Let me know what your favorite color combinations are in the comments!

What I Wore

Jacket – Sample Sale


Sweater – Karen Scott via Macy’s

Skirt – J.Crew via Greene Street Consignment Shop


Shoes – Zara


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