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November 2014 Favorites

by How She Styles

Another month has flown by.  I can’t believe this month is over, but I REALLY can’t believe its already December.  I am so excited for the holidays and seeing friends and getting a few days off to just enjoy my friends and family’s company.  On that note her are some of my favorite things from the month of November.

Beauty Favorites

Boots No7 Stay Perfect Longwear Lipstick in Raspberry– I know I had the red version so I got a shade lighter in the month of November! I love this cool toned pink because it’s bright without being overwhelming.
The Benefit Porefessional– Everyone talks about this. I know, but now I also know WHY this is so great! I have pretty large pores but this give my skin in those areas a look of velvety smoothness. I have only tried the travel size, but that is probably the size I would buy if I repurchased. I just can’t bring myself to spend $30 on that little tube and anyway the little guy I got will give me what seems like about six months of uses.
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Lash Combo: Boots No7 Exteme Curl and L’oreal Butterfly Intenza Mascara– Both are pretty dry formulas which I love. With dry formula mascara I feel like I can really layer it on without clumps. With wetter formulas that’s a bit harder. I start with the boots formula because I never get clumps with any of their formulas and this is no different. The exquisite curl gives me extra curl almost instantly.  The I top it off with the Intenza and I get separation and volume. The shorter bristles give volume while the longer ones give definition. Both these mascara a are good on their own, but together they are beautiful!
 Batiste Dry Shampoo in Dark and Deep Brown- I got this at Marshalls and I love it! Yes, it kind of drys my hair out, but its the most effective dry shampoo I have ever used.  I am able to spray it once and not worry about my hair for the rest of the day!

Fashion Favorites

Love Culture Hamsa necklace- This is a sign for protection and I personally love wearing jewelry with meaning behind it. Don’t get me wrong I love a good statement piece, but I also love this flattened Hamas hand with the blue eye! It’s beautiful.
H&M Striped sweater– I was on a hunt for lighter weight sweaters because they are easier to later if needed but not too heavy if the heat gets turned up in my office. I found a really cute one in this gray striped number. It’s a cute boatneck with a loose fitting silhouette. Perfect for a semi casual office or a weekend family gathering.
H&M coat- When I bought this coat a few months ago I knew I would wear it out. It’s gray instead of black which makes it seem softer and more feminine, but then it’s a long boxy silouette which makes it seem masculine. I will be wearing this through the dead of winter!  It’s sold out but here is a similar coat.

More Favorites!

Life After College: 10 Steps to Build a Life You Love By Tori Terhune and Betsy Hays-This is what happens when I spend too much time in the library. I get weird books. So as you may know I recently graduated from college so I thought this might be an interesting book to read. And go figure it actually is. I am not finished reading it but it gives a lot of great advice for graduates starting life after college.
Favorite youtuber-leighannsays: I love Leighann from leighannsays! She is so spunky and out there she is so relatable and she talks about so many different topics! Go check her out!

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