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No Money May: A Month-Long Spending Ban

by How She Styles

In May I decided to give myself a spending ban.  I did not want to spend any money on clothes.

I was successful for the month of May, but I’m not sure the entire experiment was a success.


The Experiment


To avoid buying clothes in May I did not go out shopping. I avoided stores on my lunch break and just kept going to this small lunch place near my work to avoid any temptation.  Part of my job is looking for the latest trends, so I am basically always on the online shops. This made not shopping even harder.  I just kept fake online shopping.  I would pick stuff, put my size in, and add it to my cart.  I just never put any of my credit card information in. When I finally was able to shop some stuff, I bought and some things I didn’t.

That part was successful, and in the meantime before June hit I cleaned out my closet from all the fall/winter stuff I never wore and all the spring/summer stuff I probably wouldn’t be wearing.


Then June hit.


Let me just preface this by saying June is my birthday month and I like to spoil myself, but I think due to “No Money May” I went a little crazy. The minute the month was over I online shopped from on Target and ASOS. We went to Kensington Market in Toronto and I bought at six pieces of clothing, and I went shopping at Forever 21 and H&M upon my return to the city.

Like I said I went a little crazy because I spent a month holding back.

I tried this in the past and it was less successful than this time around, but the same aftermath occurred.


The Plan Going Forward


I have been trying to implement the 1 in 1 out system by decluttering every few weeks and not buying anymore hangers.

From now on I am only going out to shops 1 day per week maximum.  Before this little test, I was going out shopping with my coworker just to get out of the office.  However, now that’s its nice out I can sit outside and eat lunch or work on things.

I also want to create a budget for myself.  Before I was tracking my spending and now I want to set a budget monthly and really stick to it.

Through these changes, I hope to increase my savings and only buy pieces I truly love.

I know my shopping habits are not normal.  I have an addictive personality, but I’m also not spending money I don’t have.  I am just saying there has to be a happy medium and I want to get there.


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