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New Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks Review

by How She Styles

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Revlon recently released a new line of lipsticks and lip glosses called the Ultra HD collection.  They never really explain why they are “HD”, but on the Walgreens website the description is Opaque Color, Sheen Finish, and Non Sticky.  I wanted to find out how Revlon’s newest lipstick held up.

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I really hate this packaging. It looks pretty cheap to be honest. However, the worst part is that the lipstick doesn’t go all the way in the tube. The second I pulled the cap off it caught a bit on the lipstick and a chunk came off. You know what I mean!  It’s the worst.

Formula and Application

The formula is pretty light on my lips, but I can definitely feel it.  It reminds me of a light balm in the texture. The formula is opaque on both colors I got, but the red fades a bit more quickly. Both colors I tried had a glossy finish like it was shiny, but not in a glittery/shimmery way. They also have 20 different shades mostly bright colors which seems odd to me since fall is generally for deeper colors. Some have glitter in them from what I can tell. That’s why I didn’t get Iris, the purple color in the collection. I can’t stand shades with glitter so the fact that I can’t swatch it and check the amount of glitter or shimmer is annoying. I mean that’s obviously not just this product, but most drugstore products. If your listening drugstores, please give us a tester!!  Anyway, back to the lipstick!

These have an interesting smell.  It smells like when you first walk into bath and body works from the mall and your nose is bombarded by smells. I don’t mind it too much, but if your sensitive to smells you may not like these.

On The Lips

The wear on this is okay. I was able to wear it for a few hours before reapplying and it was comfortable on the lips. I did have to reapply after eating and sometimes when I would rub my lips together the lipstick would move around. I got the shades HD Primrose and HD Dahlia.

DSCN3870HD Primrose DSCN3882HD Dahlia


I got mine for about 7.99 before tax with a dollar off coupon for revlon lip products, and it was buy one get one 50% off. You can get the dollar off all revlon lip products for the rest of the month at Walgreens when you use the little coupon book they have in store.

Overall, I was kind of disappointed with the New Revlon HD lipsticks. I just love the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick that I had high expectations for these. My biggest pet peeve is that the packaging is so annoying that it prevents me from reaching for this product. I also wish they had move variety in the shades since I’m not super into bright lipstick there were only a few shades to choose from. I do like the pigmentation and the formula on the lips because it is easy to wear and doesn’t dry out my lips. If you like the Super Lustrous lipsticks, but want new bright shades I say try this. If your not a fan of packaging like the Wet and Wild Megalast lipsticks then stay away from these!

Have you tried the New Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks? Tell me what you thought of the formula? Packaging? Or the shades in the comments below!

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