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New FLASH Shipping At Sephora

by How She Styles

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Sometimes I go on Sephora’s website and I buy things.  Have you ever been on Sephora’s website and spent 50 dollars just to get free shipping?  I have!  Well now the beauty addict in you can rest easy, because Sephora just announced Flash Shipping.


Check out the Flash Shipping Service or Enroll at Sephora.com


What is flash shipping you ask?  It’s a program similar to Amazon’s Prime where you pay a flat rate for two day shipping.  With Amazon you pay $100 for a year, but with Sephora’s program you’re only paying $10, and instead of three-day shipping like you get with the regular free shipping deal, you would get your Sephora goodies in two days.  For those lucky VIB Rouge members this service is complimentary, but for the rest of us this might be a really great deal!

Would you take advantage of this service?  Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!

***Sephora did not sponsor this post or pay me to talk about it I just noticed this on the site and wanted to give you guys the info about it!

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