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Styling My New Favorite Boots Two Ways

by How She Styles

Let me take a moment and tell you the story of these boots.

I spotted them all by their lonesome on a sale shoe rack. I honestly figured they had been put back in the wrong section. Upon further inspection, I realized they were in the right place on that sale rack. Turns out they were very on sale. These boots were originally over $100 dollars and were genuine leather! The sale price came to under $30. I couldn’t believe it! Without hesitation I scooped them up, and am I ready to wear these all fall, winter, and even early spring!

These boots are so versatile that I thought I would throw two completely different outfits together to style them up.

I love these boots for a few reasons. First, you can’t go wrong with an all-black boot. It’s a staple in any fall/winter wardrobe. The details that put this pair over the edge is the pointed toe and the stacked heel.  It’s got a slight western feel, but it doesn’t make the boot look too trendy because it’s all black leather.

The Skirt and Sweater Combo

The first outfit I styled up is the more Instagram worthy skirt/sweater combo that everyone knows and loves. For mine I threw on my favorites loose yet fitted black turtleneck and a silky skirt. This is a perfect look for fall for me because my arms are always cold. This covers up my arms while giving my legs some breathing room.

The Sleek Menswear Outfit

For the second outfit I went for more of a @karenbritchick vibe and I am totally obsessed with how this outfit turned out. I started with the boots and knew I wanted to do a look with pants and then I thought the long line blazer and long line blouse would look cool together. Then I tried a few different pairs of pants before deciding on these semi-fitted pair of black jeans to finish off the look. I wasn’t sure how they would pair with high shaft boots, but with a loose fold over the edge of the boot, the transition between the pant and boot was relaxed and seamless.

Let me know what your favorite piece of clothing in your closet is right now in the comments!

The Boots – Aldo via Macy’s


The Skirt and Sweater Combo

Black Ribbed Turtleneck – Sample Sale


Abstract Leopard Midi Skirt – Who What Wear Collection via Target


The Sleek Menswear Outfit

Blazer – Thrifted


Button Down Blouse – Thrifted


Black Jeans – Thrifted


More Outfits

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Spice Tones At The Office

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