My Weight Loss Journey: My Goal Weight and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

In May, I wrote a post all about my weight loss goals and my progress to reach those goals. Part of the reason why I wrote it was to motivate me to keep going and to help serve as a marker of how far I’d come.


Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle - How She Styles

July – 140lbs

Looking back at it, four months ago feels like ages. I was feeling stronger and taking control of my body. I was on an incline and felt like no one could stop me.

In August, I reached my goal weight of 135 pounds and it felt amazing! But even with this sense of accomplishment, I couldn’t help myself from thinking that I should have seen more results after losing almost 25 pounds. My arms were still a sore spot for me, and since you can’t choose where on your body you lose the weight, I was getting frustrated.

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle - How She Styles Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle - How She Styles

August – 135lbs

Slowly, I lost motivation. I was eating candy and sweets, and not doing any type of exercise other than a weekend run that was only about 2 miles.


By September I had gained four pounds. This really did stink, but it kicked me back into the mindset of losing weight. To me, gaining the weight sucks, but it’s not a failure. It’s just a setback that reminds me where the boundaries are when it comes to my workouts and diet. I know that even though I gained four pounds, I didn’t gain all 25 pounds back.

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle - How She Styles Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle - How She Styles

Today – 137lbs

Overall, I’m happier with the way my body looks and feels now than ever before; however, I still need to get to a place where it’s not a constant battle to make healthy choices. I look forward to the day that I am not tempted to eat every snack that’s on that workplace snack table. I don’t know if I’ll ever get there.


Weight loss is scary for me and for many others because there is no end point. You might reach your goal, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle remains a battle. It’s easier to be unhealthy. It’s easier to order a pizza after a long day of work. It’s fun to eat that cake from your coworker’s birthday.


The only thing that pushes me is how I feel on the inside. That’s a cheesy sentiment, but it’s ultimately true. If I choose to eat that cake, then I’ll have a headache and stomach ache. If I choose to workout, I’ll feel energized and like I’ve accomplished at least one goal for that day.


Don’t let your motivation be the way you look in a swimsuit because that will drive you crazy. Let your motivation be your energy level and your strength.

What motivates your weight loss? Let me know in the comments below?


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