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My Fiancé Finds My Perfect Eyeliner

by How She Styles

A few months ago, I wrote a post all about my search for the perfect eyeliner. Finding the perfect eyeliner felt like an impossible feat.

Every eyeliner I was buying was worse than the last.  Then when I thought I had found my perfect eye lining device something would happen that would send it to the bottom of the list.

I finally got so frustrated that I bought three at one time to try and compare.

My fiancé had the same plan. While I was sitting at my vanity complaining how there were no eyeliners living up to my expectations, he was Googling.

He did his research on Amazon, and even on Sephora’s website. When I heard that my fiancé had been browsing Sephora it was a dream come true.

He also ordered three eyeliners. I put all six head to head and found my perfect liner that I wear daily.


Let’s start by outlining my eyeliner needs

1. High pigmentation. I don’t want blackish, grey, brown, or blue.

2. Fine tip a must. I want to make creating a wing as easy as possible. This is difficult with an eyeliner shaped like those giant sharpies. The pigment must also actually go all the way to the tip.

3. A lot of eyeliners have great pigmentation, but it doesn’t reach the tip of the eyeliner.

4. Easy to work with. No bleeding, dripping, or pulling off the color. First two needs are pretty self-explanatory, the third just means that I don’t want to go over an area with more color and somehow end up with less.

5. No fading. I don’t want to look in the mirror halfway through the day and see my liner is completely off.

6. Long lasting. I don’t mean on my face (but also on my face). I mean in the tube, I don’t want to have to buy this every month. In my book, eyeliner should last at least three months.


So those are my needs. Now let’s see how each eyeliner stood up to the competition.


The first two were useless and truly a waste of money

NYX Super Skinny Eyeliner

The NYX was grey out of the tube. If I was going for a natural look this would be okay because it stayed on pretty well. However, I am looking to create a fierce and sharp wing which would look strange in a faded grey color so I decided I only needed to wear this one once to decide it wasn’t for me.

Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eyeliner

Next, was a Milani one that just made application a nightmare. It was not pigmented enough so it would just stop distributing product halfway into applying it on my lid and I would have to go over it again.  However, when I would try and go over the same spot it would just remove the liner that I had already applied. It was incredible stressful. This was another product I only tried once.

Wet and Wild MegaSlim Skinny Tip Eyeliner

Next was the latest drop from Wet N’ Wild. Their super skinny eyeliner pen was only like $6 dollars so I decided to try it. This was actually the one I was currently using and it was pretty great product, but when it came to application there was much to be desired.

About two months into use (one month after writing my rave review in my monthly favorites), the problems began. The eyeliner would bleed and look really sloppy.  Then it would just seep out of the pen without me doing anything like a broken fountain pen. I was wasting so much product!

I figured that maybe it was a dud and that maybe something had malfunctioned at the end of its life so I bought another one. Not only did the same problem occur, but it happened even sooner! Like a week or two after opening the packaging the eyeliner was dripping out again.

Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner - How She StylesStila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Then I tried what some people call their “Holy Grail” eyeliner –the Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner. This is an eyeliner I have tried before. I had stopped using because the last tube I purchased dried out in two weeks. On top of that, this is the most expensive eyeliner I have ever purchased.  For these reasons, I stopped buying it, but figured for this little experiment I would give it another try. It does have the most five star reviews on Sephora’s website, so that was comforting.

The Stila liner isn’t a true black in my opinon. I had forgotten that until I put it head to head with a few of the other liners in the bunch and realized how faded it is. It’s not a huge problem for me and it was a better color than the NYX one. In comparison, the NYX is a light grey and the Stila is a dark grey. The Stila liner also has a way better application than the NYX. It has a skinnier tip, so it was super easy for me to make the wing. It does fade a little bit, the wear isn’t perfect, but none of the liners really were.

This liner is more waterproof than the others I tried in this experiment, but by no means is it totally waterproof. It is definitely more stubborn to remove with just water, but I think if I jumped into a pool with it on it probably wouldn’t stay on.The Stila liner is definitely the most long lasting in the tube compared to the others. I guess it just depends on the tube whether this product will dry out quickly or not which is concerning or maybe they actually fixed that problem.

When I use this liner, product coming out, but it doesn’t always make it to the tip of the pen so it makes lining my eyes a process of making the point to thick and have to go over it a few times with a ton of focus to get the right look.

I was excited to try the last two liners because they are from brands I had never heard of before!

Celavi Waterproof Precision Liquid Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen

The first was by Celavi, there’s an accent in there and don’t even ask me how to pronounce this. The formula on this one is super black and smooth to apply. There’s just one problem with this one, the tip is pretty thick. I really need to be careful when I am applying this one so I can get a point on my wing. If I can take my time and really put the time in applying my makeup I will reach for this.  However, that’s rarely the case.  I either rush to put my eyeliner on before I’m out the door or rush to get it done in my office bathroom before my boss gets in.

Docolor Gel Liquid Eyeliner 

The other liner new to me was by Docolor. This one ticks most of my boxes. The formula is super black and easy to apply no skipping or fading. It looks at the end of the day as when I put it on that morning. The tip on this is super sharp and the liner is distributed all the way to the top of the point. This was a problem when using the Milani and Wet N’ Wild liners.

The only problem with this one is that it’s not waterproof. It says it is, but no to the extent I would hope for it to be. I am pretty sure it will stay in place if your eyes are a little teary from the wind or a lash in your eye, but for a major cry you’ll need to find another liner. I actually cried wearing this and it was almost completely gone by the time I collected myself.


Have you guessed which was my favorite? Probably.


My top choice for eyeliner that I have repurchased is the Docolor.

And yes, my fiancé found this based on the countess positive reviews on Amazon. The best part has got to be the price tag. See the price comparison below and my favorites from best to worst:

Docolor – $7.99

Stila – $22.00

Celave – $4.00

Wet and Wild -$4.99

NYX – $9.99

Milani – $7.99


Has your significant other ever purchased you something that you weren’t expecting and LOVED IT?! Tell me in the comments below!


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