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How My Dinner Inspired My Outfit

by How She Styles

Another look with this orange turtleneck! Who would’ve thought orange could go with so many colors! In case you missed it, here’s the last outfit I made using this orange sweater.

Anyway, back to this outfit.

For this week’s outfit, I was inspired by my dinner. Don’t laugh, while I was eating I realized how pretty the colors in my poke bowl were. The purple rice with the bold mango, and radiant red peppers, it was so pretty that I had to take a picture for future use (I didn’t know what use at the time).

When creating this outfit, I was scrolling through my camera roll to try and find some inspiration because I like to screenshot outfits that inspire me. That’s when I saw the photo and started trying to find purple, orange, and red pieces.

Of course, I thought of the orange sweater since I styled it the week before, then tried some red options like my red blazer and orange sneakers, but nothing really went together. I realized the only purple piece I have is that vest so I pulled it out and tried it on with the sweater. Then I was liking the look.

I have a pair of red heels, but heels didn’t feel right with this look, I wanted it to be cozier and less serious. So, I went with my reddish-brown boots. I feel like the boots work with the other warm tones in the outfit, and elongate my leg when I am wearing cropped jeans.

I would definitely wear this outfit to work. It’s professional, but still shows your personality in the color combo.

Has something unexpected ever inspired your style? Let me know in the comments!

What I Wore

Sweater – Karen Scott via Macys

Vest – Sample Sale


Jeans – LL Bean – Thrifted


Shoes – Guess via DSW


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