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The Most Ridiculous Piece Of Clothing I Have Ever Bought

by How She Styles

The Face Of Style The Face Of Style The Face Of Style The Face Of Style The Face Of Style

Jacket: Forever 21

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Top: Forever 21

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Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: French Connection

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If you couldn’t figure it out from the pictures above the fluffy red jacket purchase was the item that was a little bit out of my comfort zone and could be considered slightly ridiculous to some.

Roaming the sale section of Forever 21, I had a few things in my hand when I looked over and hanging all by itself was this beauty.

I dropped everything I was considering buying and picked up this big red fluffy monstrosity. I tried it on and it fit extremely comfortably. No pulling, no tightness, just easy mobility and a warm lining. The price tag said $33 and I knew it was 50% or 60% percent off clearance.  I was willing to pay at least $15 dollars. I promised myself if it was marked wrong and it was more than that I would put it back due to the extreme trend item I know it is. 

The price, $11.09. I don’t think I have ever paid so fast in my life. As if the sales associate would change his mind or find his mistake and charge me more. I was so excited to wear it!

You might be asking yourself, why did you buy this?? It’s a trendy piece for winter when it’s almost spring.

I figure we have two cold months left and I’m going to wear it at least the next two winter seasons. Biker jackets never go out of style and the color is gorgeous!!!

I feel my most confident when I don’t look like everyone else. It’s easy to feel special in a special piece. I have already worn it once (I would have worn it more, but it’s been unseasonably warm on the east coast).  I am constantly thinking of different outfits to wear this with.

For it’s first outing I decided on a simple high- waisted straight leg denim, simple ribbed mock neck, and heeled loafers.

It’s simple to give the jacket all the attention but still add character to the outfit.

What purchases have been out of your comfort zone?  Let me know in the comments below!


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