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Easy Monochromatic Office Outfit

by How She Styles

The Top

For this office outfit I pulled out my long white blouse that I thrifted. If you want to see another way I styled it check out my September finds video. This year, I have gotten really into thrifting because I am trying to spend less money, while still experimenting with my style. I am especially proud of this top because I found a white blouse with no stains which is actual miracle. I love the length of this top because it just makes me feel so ethereal.

With that in mind, I added a more of an edgy element with the leather (not sure if its faux or not) vest. I think the black leather adds a great contrast on a few levels. First the actual colors are contrasting, which adds some interest to this relatively simple silhouette. Next, is the contrasting fabrics, the silky and drapey blouse contrast the structured leather vest to add more dimension to this outfit.

The Bottoms

With the top pieces being solid, I wanted to add a printed bottom, but a solid white pant would create a cool monochromatic look here too. The printed bottom I went with were a pair of micro-houndstooth trousers from Banana Republic in the Ryan fit. I like these because from far away the pants just look grey and they soften the outfit, but keep it polished.

The Shoes

Finally, to finish off this office outfit I went with my Madewell loafers that I wear when I don’t know what to wear. This outfit could have also looked nice with a pair of heels or honestly even a pair of Converse sneakers or boots because it is full of basic pieces. When putting together an outfit like this, I would just make sure to choose a shoe that you think works best with your style.

Would you wear this outfit? What’s your favorite outfit to wear to work? Let me know in the comments!

What I Wore

Top – Thrifted


Vest – Calvin Klein via Sample Sale


Pants – Banana Republic


Shoes – Madewell Frances Loafers

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