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June 2017 Favorites

by How She Styles

June was such a great month!  I turned the ripe age of 25, traveled to Canada for the first time (check that out here), and cleaned my life out of all the clothes that weren’t bringing me joy (check that out here)!  I have been more focused, more health conscience (but still enjoying tasty treats), and I have officially started planning my wedding! June is always a great month for me, but this one was extra special.

Did I mention this is the first full month that I have been posting three times a week???!  I hope you guys liked it because I am going to keep at it!

Here are all the things I have been loving this month in beauty, life, and on the internet!  If you want to see all my favorites in fashion check out my video here!


Essie Gel Nail Polish

I tried a few colors from this range because I found a few on clearance.  Regularly $11 the few I tried were only $2.87. I had considered buying these before, but the high price tag always kept me from doing so.  Once I saw a few in the clearance bin at Duane Reade I decided to to try three colors. I loved them!  They stayed on my nails without chipping for a week and then only slight chips in the days following. I love the wide range of colors this range offers and I didn’t even have to use the Essie top coat.  I used the Sally Hansen 3D Gel Shine.  The three colors I got were Stitch by Stitch, Twill Seeker, and Beauty Nap 170. I have been loving them this month!


Lily Melrose

Lily Melrose is a fashion Youtuber who I have been loving recently.  She has a different style than a lot of the girls you see on Youtube and Instagram.  However, my favorite part is how real she is.  She just has a genuine way of explaining why she likes certain pieces and trends and what she’s not into. If you’re looking for a different take on fashion, she’s your girl.

Master Of None On Netflix

Season 2 of Master of None just released on Netflix, and I have been watching it nonstop.  This is a comedy series featuring Aziz Ansari.  I first decided to give this show a try when I read Aziz’s book “Modern Romance”.  Modern Romance is a cool book that takes a different look at dating whether it’s how we date, or how we are choosing our dates, and even how people are dating in different countries.

Anyway, that great book got me into this equally great TV show!  It’s a funny show that also has a good story. I can’t tell you how any time I try and watch a funny sitcom, and just change the channel because it’s trying too hard to be funny.  With “Master Of None” this isn’t the case.  They make it funny in a subtle way, not make a joke and wait for the laugh track.



This love affair started when I fell in love with protein powder (it’s got fun flavors and it fills you up!), but not the texture.  First, I started just blending the powder with the water, then things got real.  I was adding fruit, and peanut butter, and yogurt oh my!  I was making all kinds of different combos, then a light bulb went off and I started making iced coffee and adding that too!  What a concept!  Got my protein, a nice helping of fruits (and veggies), AND my morning dose of caffeine. Can’t go wrong starting your day with a tasty smoothie.

My Trip To Toronto

This was sort of spontaneous in the fact that I really never do anything for my birthday.  Last year I tried to have a dinner, and it was not that fun. With that in mind I decided to do something for just Luke and I.  I wanted to travel somewhere that I could have a long weekend instead of spending two out of however many days we’d be there traveling. The flight had to be less than an hour and somewhere I hadn’t been before.  Canada was the answer.  I decided on Toronto because I like a more artsy town with interesting food and shopping.  If you want to read in depth about this amazing trip check it out here!

Hitting 1000 Followers on Instagram

This month I reached 1000 followers on Instagram! I have really been trying to post on Instagram daily, but sometimes it just gets pushed because I don’t have anything interesting to post or it just slips my mind.  If you want to see what app saves my life when it comes to Instagram check it out here.



Cactus Key Chain

I bought a very cute and useless cactus keychain for myself for my birthday and I think it is so cute!  I just had to spoil myself of bit with something fun. Make sure you check out my haul part 1 and part 2 on my youtube channel to see what else I bought for my birthday (get a snack, its pretty long).

Pro Laptop Case

I have been taking my laptop quite a few places this month.  Whether it was traveling to Canada or editing my videos on the train.  I have been able to keep my laptop safe in this case.  It’s just a simple flap case with a velcro closure. The case even has a small pocket I can stash my headphones in. This is an inexpensive and easy way I give my laptop a little more protection.

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