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July 2017 Favorites: Beauty, Life, and The Internet

by How She Styles

July was a great month!  I am sad that it is over, but it also means we are one month closer to fall!  This month was extra fun because I got to spend a week on vacation with my family as well as celebrate 8 years of dating with my fiancé! I just spent a lot of time enjoying the company of the people in my life! Other than all that good stuff here are some of the other goodies I enjoyed this month!

The Joy Of Less

I loved this book more than I ever thought I would and I wrote a whole review about it and the key points I took from it. I have been decluttering ever since (and am working on a post all about my journey – so look out for that!) it just basically make me look at my stuff in a different way. Don’t worry I’m not a minimalist. Just making sure I’m using what I have!

At Home With Podcast

I started listening to this on the car ride to my vacation and I found myself excited to listen to the next episode! With two of my favorite bloggers, Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton (The Anna Edit), I was hooked!

It made me feel like they were asking the types of questions I would ask if I were ever interviewing a powerful woman in their field. It was also fun to hear them having to explain their surroundings. There was something about every interview I enjoyed. I think my favorites were Zoe Sugg and Alexia Ing. I don’t know when the next season is being released, but I’m excited to see the next chapter of this podcast!

Karen Brit Chick/ Where’d You Get That

I stumbled upon Karen’s Channel while looking at luxury bag tag videos. Her channel was the only one I subscribed to that day because she is passionate about fashion and makes videos about people interested in fashion want to know! It doesn’t hurt that she’s so funny! When she thinks of an outfit combo she loves I can relate to all the feels! Been really enjoying her channel.

Gel Manicures

Where l have I been??? Under a nail care rock?? First of all, in the last few years I quit the habit of biting my nails so I took some time to get into painting my nails and trying to get them long and strong. Little did I know of the gloriousness that is a gel manicure.

Let me explain.

First, you’re able to just leave the salon when you’re done. No waiting to dry or accidentally bumping the polish! It’s just set and you can go about your day opening things and picking stuff up! Unlimited possibilities!

Next, the lasting power. Can I just say I have been wearing this on my nails for three weeks already and by the middle of the third week is when I finally started seeing minimal chips?! The only reason I am getting them done again is the 1/4″ gap between the edge of the color and my cuticle.

The removal was super easy! I just used the first result that came up when I googled it online. First buff the nails to remove the shine of the top coat. Then, put pure acetone on a cotton ball. Then place it on the nail and wrap in tin foil to secure. Let it sit for fifteen minutes and the polish should come off when you slide off the cotton ball.

America’s Got Talent

I have been obsessed with this show for the last two years. I know it sounds like another Voice or American Idol type of thing. However, what really inspires me is the people are doing what they are truly passionate about and it’s fun to see! Also I love magicians.


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