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HUGE Winter Beauty and Fashion Haul

by How She Styles


This is a haul from over the last few months and I won’t be buying anything for a while (I’ll explain why in tomorrow’s post!) so I wanted to show you a few things I have bought.  I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you have purchased anything exciting that you want to share!


Kensie Sweater


I got this at a sample sale and I really love it!  It’s a huge chunky sweater that is perfect for those days when you want to wear something cozy!

Kensie Melange Shirt


I also got this at a sample sale, and I really love the faux layered look.  I also do not have  a lot of this color in my closet.


The Manifesto on How To Be Interesting by Holly Bourne

I believe I heard someone talking about this, or maybe I saw it on a “top books to read” list a while ago.  I asked for it for Christmas, but I did not receive it on Christmas because it turns out that it’s only published in the UK.  Yet somehow my boyfriend managed to get his hands on one and surprised me with it in January!  I have started reading it and LOVE it so far. I can’t wait to finish it!


H&M Earrings

These earrings were a bit of an impulse purchase.  I love this set of four because they are simple, but I love all of the colors.  I can choose an outfit and always choose one set of those earrings to go with my outfit.


Forever 21 Earrings

I got these after I saw Leigh Ann from Leigh Ann Says talk about her version of this back dangling earring.  I saw these at forever 21 and really liked them.  I feel like I can wear these with a dressed up look or something more casual.

Clean and Clear acne spot treatment


This is my third tube of this treatment because I love how it targets spots and really reduces the redness and size quickly.  However, you have to be careful because if you use too much it might dry out your skin!

Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer


I purchased this  moisturizer because my other one had run out, and I needed a moisturizer that I could wear beneath my make up.  I bought it because the scent was very mild and it seemed to sink in quickly.  I have only used it for a few days, so I’ll need some time to try it out and form a solid opinion.

Milani Matte Lipstick in (Matte) Naked

IMG_0440 IMG_0458

I finally got my hands on one of these and I wanted a nice matte nude, so far I love this color, but I’ll need to keep testing out the staying power and how drying it might be.

Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara

IMG_0428 IMG_0295

I haven’t tried a new mascara lately, so I picked this one up at Duane Reade on my way to work.  Kathleen Lights has spoken about how she loves this mascara and I wanted to give it a shot.  So far I’m not to happy with it though: it seems to flake a lot. I’ll need to play around with this one some more.

Biore Deep Cleasing Pore Strips


I got these because I have pretty large pores around my nose and I want to make sure they are clear.  However, the two times I have used them there wasn’t anything on the strip when I took it off!  Let me know what you guys think of these.

Real Techniques Complexion Sponge


This is my second Real Techniques Sponge and I really like it.  People say it’s not as good as the beauty blender, but I don’t believe the hype when it comes to a $20 sponge.  The real techniques one gives me a really smooth finish and blends my foundation beautifully.

Tarte Amazonian 12 hour Clay  Blush in Blushing Bride

IMG_0432 IMG_0270

I have heard so many great things about these blushes I had to pick one up.  I love the pigmentation, the beautiful blush color and of course the long wear.

Bauble Bar Double Sided Earrings


I have loved Bauble Bar for a long time, and I finally broke down and purchased some gorgeous double sided earrings.  I love that they have a marbled finish. I don’t own anything else like them.

Too Face Hangover Rx Face Primer


I have heard great things about this silicone free primer, like claims that it is moisturizing and gives your face a pick-me-up.  I really like it so far, but I still need to use it more.  It does have a coconut scent though, so if you are sensitive to smells, you may not like this.

Rimmel Lip Pencil in Enchantment

IMG_0431 IMG_0463

I have heard great things about this Rimmel lip liner and it does not disappoint,  It is incredibly long wearing and I love the color!

Mac Lipstick in Plumful

IMG_0296 IMG_0297 IMG_0301

This is the first Mac lipstick I have ever purchased, it’s a pinky purple shade that I feel like a really good color on my skintone.  I love this lipstick because I feel like it can just be worn in any season with any look.

Jordana 12hr Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil in Espresso


I already have this eyeliner in green and I love it, so I picked it up in brown.  The formula is long wearing, and I don’t have any brown eyeliner, so I am really excited to use this!


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