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How To Create The Perfect Look For Your Next Interview

by How She Styles

We’ve all been there.  You have a big interview tomorrow and you are done your research and are ready for any question they throw at you.  But, what the heck are you going to wear!


Here are some top tips to help you find the perfect interview look


You’ve probably already done this for the actual interview, so it should give you a little insight on the dress code or the type of style the company like. Whether it’s super conservative or your applying to free people, research will give you a good place to start

Dress For The Season

This may sound like a no brainer, but when I was interviewing for internships I always wanted to wear a blazer. It didn’t matter if it was 90 degrees or 30 degrees. One time I actually showed up a little sweaty and had to blot in the bathroom before my interview! The interviewer could tell I was flustered and the interview started off on the wrong foot.  On a hot day stick with a dress and some nice heels to beat the heat.

Be Comfortable

This is a two-parter.  First, be sure to wear comfortable shoes.  In a time where there are so many stylish low heel and loafer options out there its easy to look professional and not wear high heels.

Second, being comfortable comes with wearing clothes that fit.  Don’t ever wear something that is too tight or too loose or some other fit issue.  If you are pulling up your pants ever few minutes or the buttons are pulling on your blouse, the person interviewing you will notice.

Wearing well-fitting clothes gives us confidence and you need as much confidence as you can get when it comes to interviews.

Bring A Bag That Fits It All

One time on an interview I went before work and brought extra shoes to change into after work.  I brought my regular bag then a bag to carry the shoes in because they didn’t fit in my actual bag.  That was one of the first things the interviewer mentioned. It was embarrassing to say the least. Since then, I make sure everything I carry is in one bag.  I don’t care if your bag is giant and weights a ton. If its a chic bag it doesn’t matter. Make sure all the things you need are in one place so you don’t look like a crazy bag lady.

A “Just In Case” Stash

You’re on the train to get to your interview when you spill some coffee on your pants or you had lunch and realized there is spinach in your teeth before the big interview. These are things that happen, but if you are prepared they can be easily remedied.  I call this my “just in case”kit.  It is comprised of the following:

Tide To Go



Mini Brush

Mini Deodorant

Extra Hair Tie

These are items that can basically fix any situation apart from you ripping your pants.  In which case I would probably just reschedule the interview or buy a new pair of pants.

I hope these tips helped you get ready for the big interview!  Let me know some of your tips in the comments below.

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