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How She Styles Gets A Facelift

by How She Styles

Things are looking a little bit different on How She Styles. After a few years with the same layout I thought it would be nice to change it up and try something new.

Here are some of the things that have moved around on the How She Styles:

The Most Recent Content Will Be Right At The Top

With my old layout, the name of the blog took up a lot of space “above the fold”. For this new layout, I wanted my content to be the star so I shrunk the name and added a cool slider to show off all my latest content.

Easy access to How She Styles Instagram and Pinterest

The old layout gave me issues when trying to showcase my Instagram, and showing off my Pinterest wasn’t even an option. In this new layout, both are on the sidebar. This way you can easily see what I’ve been posting or click through to subscribe there too.

Latest How She Styles Youtube Video at the Sidebar

Alongside the content you see here, I also create Youtube content. With this new layout I am able to combine the two by adding my latest video at the sidebar. This makes it easy to watch videos right on the How She Styles homepage.

The Extras Are At The Bottom

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page there are a few goodies down there. You can find the search bar, which will help you find whatever you’re searching for (for the most part). Alongside the search bar are links to my social media if you are interested in following me on other platforms. Finishing off the bottom bar trio is an updated about me page starring my new bangs.

I hope you guys explore and enjoy the new layout!

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Happy Holidays from Lauren at How She Styles!

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