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How To Get Shizzzz Done

by How She Styles

I have had a full time job for almost two years now. This is also how long it has taken me to feel productive outside of work. This is what I have learned:


Getting Up Before You Usually Do

I want to be a morning person. I wake up earlier than I do normally (about an hour before) and take my time getting ready, get some coffee, and just focus on writing content. Recently, I have even started working out in the morning. Doing things in the morning forces me to focus because it’s not like anyone is trying to contact me at five or six AM. I am able to work without distractions.


Doing The Task You Want To Do The Least

I workout in the morning or first thing when I get home from work because like everyone else I don’t love working out. I am able to get the task out of the way  and have the satisfaction of no longer having to worry about it.


Get Into A Routine

I work on my blog one day, have specific workout days, and the weekends are usually for running the errands. Creating a routine and giving specific days to each important goal in life makes it feel more manageable. When I try to do everything every day I feel like a failure even if I get stuff done.


Reward Yourself

I am not saying buy yourself something every time you wake up on time, but for the milestones it’s nice to recognize that you are completing your goals. If you started a blog and you hit 100 followers maybe go out to dinner. If you lost five pounds, get yourself some new yoga pants!


What are some tips you have for getting things done? Let me know in the comments below!

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Ellen Evanoff September 21, 2016 - 11:51 am

Good tips 🙂


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