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Five Fall Nail Colors + My New Favorite Top Coat

by How She Styles

Now that it is officially fall and I decided to pull out my favorite fall nail shades and create an ombre look because I have never done this before and I thought now would be the perfect time since I’m not seeing anyone. I’m also going to be talking about each color and why I like it including my new favorite top coat.

CND Aura

This was the first color I thought of when I was creating this post. This dark moody green is actually one of the colors I call out in my Fall 2020 trend post so I definitely think it’s the perfect nail color to complement your fall wardrobe.

Olive and June E+M

What can I say about this color. It’s a beautiful glossy black that is a staple in my nail color collection. I don’t just reach for this color in fall, but I definitely reach for it the most in this season.

CND Brick Knit

This is another gem in my collection. I would consider this a dark red-orange, and fulfills all my pumpkin spice fantasies. It’s one of the few warm toned nail colors I wear in fall, but that’s the reason its special.

H&M Indigo Ink

This is my ideal navy blue. This inky blue is dark, but not too dark so it still looks blue. This is a great alternative to black because it is a slightly softer look. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this on the H&M website so I found a similar shade.

H&M Governess

This is a really unique purple brown color that screams fall. I have never seen anything like it so I haven’t been able to get rid of it even though the H&M nail polish itself isn’t the best.  If you know of any similar colors let me know in the comments below. I tried my best to find a similar colors and the best I could do was Fifth Avenue from China Glaze and Berry Naughty from Essie.

Olive& June Top Coat

I just recently bought this after trying some Olive & June nail polishes and I am obsessed. I have tried probably every long wearing top coat and this is my favorite. It’s a thin consistency which I appreciate because it makes application so much easier than using thicker top coat. It also makes my nails feel strong, but not fake if that makes sense. In the past, I have used top coats that made my nails feel like they weren’t even my nails. Finally, this top coat makes even my worst wearing nail polish wear for over a week. I have used this over a polish that usually chips within a few days with other top coats, but this top coat kept my nails looking nice for over a week before they started chipping and the chips were relatively minimal. I am very happy with this top coat and will definitely repurchase because its only $8.

What color do you like to paint your nails in the fall? Let me know your favorite fall shade in the comments!

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