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February 2017 Favorites

by How She Styles

February was a pretty great month for me!  It was Valentine’s day which was nice because it gave me an excuse to leave work on time and have nice dinner out with Luke.  Besides that I just felt like this month I was able to really focus on the blog and put out a lot of content I really enjoy. I loved quite a few things this month in beauty, fashion, and some random bits.  I hope you enjoy and tell me some of your favorites this month in the comments below!

Beauty Favorites

Maybelline Color Snesational Inti-matte Nudes Lipstick in Almond Rose

I have recently gotten into nude lipsticks and this one is the perfect pinky nude that I like to throw on when I’m just wearing winged liner. It’s enough that you can tell I’m wearing lipstick, but not too much that I look like I was supposed to go to an event and accidentally came to work instead.

Sally Hansen Gel Shine 3D Top Coat

I paint my nails probably once a week. I cannot deal with chipping. But this makes changing my nail polish a choice not an obligation. It keeps my nails chip free for at least 5-7 days depending on how much typing I do and they feel so strong like I actually had a gel manicure. I like it because I get the look of the gel manicure without the commitment of having to go back to the nail salon to get them removed! The shine this top coat isn’t bad either. I have compared it to many top coats and none have performed as well. My nails have never looked better and I think this top coat is definitely contributing to that.

Fashion Favorites

Victoria Secret Knockout By Victoria Sport High Rise Legging

These leggings are marketed for the quality they won’t stretch out or pill and for the two months I’ve been wearing them I can attest to that. In February these are the leggings I go to when I want to wear plain black leggings which at least two days a week. The only downfall is they have a hefty price tag. They are usually $60, but they sometimes go on sale like when I purchased mine they were 50% off. They also tend to have other deals like a bra and workout pant for a set price lower than the price you would usually pay for both. I will say I was not willing to pay the $60 dollar price tag for these originally, but I will definitely be buying another pair if they go on sale again.

G.H Bass Snow Boots

As we are (hopefully) reaching the end of this winter weather these boots have gotten me through all the bad weather and every time it snowed I had these on. They are warm, comfortable, and most importantly, waterproof. I needed a new pair of winter boots and I wanted to make sure they weren’t just some dupe for a more expensive brand. I went to a sample sale for coats when I happened upon these boots. They looked like they were the right style, but I needed to make sure they fit the bill exactly. After trying them on I found they fit very comfortably with lots of warm lining on  the inside.  After doing a bit of googling I even found they were indeed waterproof. The price tag ended up being $35. To say I am happy with this purchase would be an understatement.

Similar Here

Aerie Sunnie Demi Coverage Lightly Lined Bra

I recently went down a bra size and it was really awkward to wear the bras I had because they just didn’t fit right.  After receiving a 20% off coupon from the American Eagle rewards program, I decided to use it to try one of their bras or bralettes. I tried on one of their nude bras because that’s the color I needed. Guys. A bra has never fit this well in my entire life. It is perfect! The material is soft, it’s comfortable, it has a minimal amount of padding. The fit is so great that I barely notice I am even wearing a bra. If you cannot find a bra that fits you correctly I suggest you run to Aerie and buy one ASAP! I have literally worn this bra nonstop since I bought it.

Gold Zara Sneakers

I love these babies. I purchased these last month and I love wearing them! They are a statement without being over the top. The best part is they are so comfy and some how metallics go with everything!

Similar here and here check out my haul for more info about these.

Life Favorites

Marshmallow Fireside Bath and Body Works Candle

(It’s a fall/winter seasonal candle so it is no longer available, but will probably become available in August or september)

I bought this candle around the holidays and just haven’t burned any candles until recently because I finally have a place to put candles. Anyway, I pulled out this one because it smells amazing. But it’s in my favorites because now it’s almost reminding me of spring and summertime. S’mores are a big part of my life in the summertime so that brings me back to that time that I am so patiently waiting for (get out of here winter). Anyway, it just reminds me of sitting by the fire with my family and roasting marshmallows so I keep burning and ignoring my other candles.

Fake Swell Bottle (The Wellness Bottle)  c/0 TJ Maxx

A S’well bottle is a double walled water bottle said to keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. These bottles can run $30-$45. They come in a variety of colors and finishes and has become sort of a trend item. The Wellness bottle I bought in TJ Maxx advertises the same benefits of the S’well bottle for only $7.99. The bottles came in about four different finishes. The most expensive bottle (a glittery white one) was $9.99 . I got a glossy black finish and I really love it. It’s small enough that it’s easy to travel with.  I fill it up a few times a day to stay hydrated. I honestly have not tried it with hot beverages because I don’t want my water to taste like coffee. If any of you have tried this bottle with a hot beverage let me know in the comments below.

Technology Favorites

The Anna Edit

I have been loving Anna from the Anna edit back when it was Vivannadoesmakeup. Her blog and YouTube channel are always interesting and fun without feeling like she’s trying too hard. I have been watching a lot of videos this month, but her blog content has really been tickling my fancy! There’s a nice variety of beauty, fashion, and fitness so it’s not the same stuff over and over! Can’t wait to see what she’s going to do next


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