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Fashion For Less: High Quality For A Low Price

by How She Styles

Everyone likes a good deal without sacrificing quality.  Here are a few places I believe fit the bill. Pun intended.

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You can score a great deal at Kohl’s and get surprisingly cute clothing on occasion.  I got these $20 staple brown boots that people compliment me on all the time from Kohl’s.  I also love buying jewelry from Kohl’s because you can get sterling silver there for a great price. Also, ever since designer collaborations have become a thing, Kohl’s has stepped it up a notch.  


Lauren Conrad stuff is always cute and you can find the occasional hidden gem.  Top items I’ve bought from Kohl’s: Basics (tees and jeans), shoes, and sterling silver jewelry.

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American Eagle

American Eagle is a recent rediscovery for me after not shopping there since I was about 17.  It just stopped being my style and all the stuff I liked was expensive for a 17 year old. I get most of my jeans here and I am a size ten. Their jeans fit me like a glove and I can basically try on any fit or style in jeans and it will fit me the same. The quality is worth the price because they don’t fall apart after a more than a few wears.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that the jeans can be as expensive as $50, but you can find them as low as $15-20 if you don’t want anything too fancy.  For the quality I think it is worth the price.

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Baublebar may seem expensive at first, but they have a lot of pieces for a smaller budget and there always seems to be some kind of deal going on.  I believe the quality is worth the price, and they stay pretty on trend, but you can also get the jewelry staples without crying about the price.


If you don’t like to buy online or you don’t have a Baublebar store by you then the store Charming Charlie is another good option.  It is split up the store by color so it makes finding the perfect piece easy, they have jewelry for every style and the prices are easy on the wallet.  I have only purchased earring so I can’t comment on the quality too much, but the earrings have lasted pretty well so far and I would go back to buy more pieces.


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I prefer H&M for my trendy pieces on a budget.  No one wants to pay a lot for something that’s going to be out of style in a month.  I like H&M better than Forever 21 or Zara because I believe the price is fair for the quality and you are getting quality that will last you more than a season.


Tell me you’re favorite places to shop in the comments below and where you think you can get a great deal! I always like finding new places to shop.

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