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Fall Trends and Colors I Will Actually Wear

by How She Styles

At the start of the fall season we see more and more fall trend related content. As someone who works in the fashion industry, and spends her free time creating fashion content, I love seeing new trends emerge.

However, I don’t believe in buying into a trend just because it’s a trend. So after looking through many trend reports, and fashion shows I have gathered the top trends in clothes and colors that I would actually wear.



This fall trend is defined by all the things we think of when it comes to the Victorian era. Some examples are lace, modest silhouettes, puff sleeves, and ruffles. Basically this:

A Victorian Lady Gang

The history buffs of the world will have to let me know if this actually accurate of the Victorian era because despite my entire class on fashion history in college I have retained very little.

These sorts of details were seen all over the runway and I am here for it.

My favorite detail of this trend is the high mock neck, the designer Adam Lippes makes it even more interesting with the addition of the square of ruffles that almost look like a second neckline. This gives the shoulders and bust volume in a new way.

I am also really into this look with the giant bow on the front. In the last couple of seasons, we have seen the resurgence of the pussy bow which I believe is from the sixties, it seems like the Victorian era ladies didn’t shy away from a big bow either.

Adam Lippes

 Finally, we have a sleeve shape that I have been in love with for a few seasons now. That’s the puff sleeve. I have broad shoulders so for me wearing a puff sleeve softens them a little bit. In my personal style, I love mixing feminine and masculine pieces, so adding a puff sleeve is an easy way for me to get that feminine detail.

Alice and Olivia Fall Trend: Puff Sleeves

I know we’ve talked about tops a lot when analyzing the victorian trend, but there are some fun details when it comes to bottoms.  I am most excited to add a tiered skirt to my wardrobe thanks to this trend.

Whether it is full with stiff layers or soft tiers of chiffon this is a fun trend to try. I love mixing skirts and sweaters for fall so with a tiered skirt you are getting a little more dimension in the look than you would with just a straight skirt.

Colored and Printed Leather

Leather is a staple in my wardrobe. I love the texture when I wear anything leather I just feel like a badass. However, most of my leather pieces are classic black.

I really like the idea of this fall trend, but if you’re not into color I would skip on this one. The one colored leather piece I currently have is navy so that’s a good option if you want to try this, but aren’t ready to go straight for a bold color.

Since I already have a navy leather jacket I don’t think I even need another piece of colored leather. However, if you want to try this trend, I would definitely try to find it in thrift store or secondhand shop because new leather can be $$$. 

If you want to get something new I really love pieces from Wilson’s Leather. They are very underrated in my opinion, and have high quality pieces for around the $150 mark which is pretty affordable considering leather jackets can be extremely expensive. If you want to try this trend I would go for a jacket or pants because I think they will be the easiest to find and style.

Here is some inspiration from the runway.


These aren’t a full blown trend yet as not everyone on the planet is wearing them, but I feel like they have been bubbling under the surface of fashion for a few years now. Everyone has already jumped on the cropped wide leg bandwagon which I also love (that iconic style from Everlane has my heart).

However, I think the next step in this fashion evolution is the full-length flare. This style lends itself to the high waisted silhouettes that are already trending. I would definitely buy into this trend if I was shopping, but the fabric would have to be stiff to really give that cool structured look that I think makes this trend really cool.

Cropped Jacket

This is one fall trend that I wasn’t expecting but I am happy to see it. As a girl who loves high waisted bottoms I am a fan of the cropped jacket. It is a proportion that perfectly complements the high waisted pant creating a long and lean silhouette. I am most interested in an oversized shape and less tailored if I was going to look for a piece to add to my wardrobe.


I feel like this fall trend will be hit or miss with a lot of people, but I am totally into this trend. I love mixing textures and prints, and this trend does all the work for you.

You might like this trend if you consider yourself to have a bohemian style or like the idea of cottage core (please go google cottage core if you are confused, I only learned about it a few months ago). I personally love this trend because like I said, I love mixing colors and textures and this patchwork trend can create that beautifully.

Now let’s move on to some fall color trends that I am excited for!

Color Trends


I am not a huge fan of neon colors in general, but this color already has a place in my wardrobe, and adds a fun pop to a standard fall color palette.

Hunter Green

This is a color that I have always felt is a classic, but I have definitely seen it in the spotlight more this season.


Purple is a polarizing color for many, but when done right can be beautiful. This juicy jewel tone looks good on so many skin tones, and is a perfect color to complement the mustards and rusts you have from previous seasons.

Let me know your favorite and least favorite fall trend is in the comments below!

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