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December Goals: Setting Up For A Successful 2018

by How She Styles

I cannot believe the year is coming to a close and it is already December. It feels like just the other days I was talking about how excited I was for fall to begin and now it has come and gone. For this month, I want to make sure I start the year on the right foot. I want to give myself a good foundation to make 2018 the best year yet.


Last Month’s Goals


Reach 50 Followers on My YouTube Channel

This goal didn’t really go as planned. In fact, I didn’t do any marketing for my channel this month. I am going to try again this month to link back to my YouTube channel on either my blog or Instagram at least once per week.

Be More Active on InstaStories

This one started off well, but I as I reached the middle of the month I kept forgetting to reach for it. This month I am making a more reasonable goal of using InstaStories at least twice a week.

Get The Hang Of Poshmark

This one I feel like I was successful with this month. I sold three items this month so my goal for next month is to sell five. Make sure you check out my Poshmark store and if you have one of your own leave it linked down below.

Make 5 Meals a Week at Home

This was a total fail. In fact, in the two weeks I was home alone 50% of my meals were cereal. This does not count as cooking. For this month, I am going make a new goal to bring two lunches to work a week and see how that goes.

Read At Least One Book This Month

This one was another goal that was a success! I read “You Are A Badass” and a review is coming soon so look out for that. I need to hit the library to find another book to read. Maybe I’ll try and sneak in two books this month.


December Goals


Reach 50 Followers on My YouTube Channel

For this month’s updated goal, I am going to try to link to my YouTube Channel at least once per week either on my Instagram or blog.


Be More Active on InstaStories

As I mentioned above this was quite the fail, so this month I am going to make the goal a little more manageable by making my goal to be on InstaStories at least twice a week.


Sell Five Items on Poshmark

Last month I sold 3 items on Poshmark, so this month my goal is going to be to sell 5 items! Go check out what I have here!


Bring Lunch To Work Twice A Week

 Last month I set an almost impossible goal for myself, and now I am trying something I can handle a little bit better. Bringing lunch doesn’t mean cooking as much as preparing. I can make a bunch of salads for the week or bring and avocado and toast to work with fruits and veggies. This will be an easier step to take on the path to actually meal prepping.


Post One New Outfit a Week on Instagram

I love posting my looks and outfits weekly, however, in November I kind of fell off the wagon a bit and got into a blogging rut. Pushing myself to create new and inspiring outfits each week will be a fun challenge this month.


What are some of your goals this month? Let me know in the comments below!


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